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Voting Information

August 7, 2018 Primary Election
Election Results

On August 7, 2018 Michigan’s voters participate in an open primary election to nominate candidates to appear on the November 6, 2018 General Election ballot. In Michigan voters do not declare a political party when registering to vote. Therefore the primary election is open to every registered voter.

Every voter in a precinct receives the same ballot; no public declaration of party preference is made. The candidates for all parties are on the same ballot, with each party having its own column.

Voters may vote in one party column only; you cannot “split your ticket”. For example, if in the Governor race you vote for a candidate in Party A, and in the United States Senator race you vote for a candidate in Party B, all of your votes in the partisan section of the ballot will be rejected. If you make a mistake when marking your ballot you may contact an election official, surrender your ballot, and receive a new ballot.

The Libertarian Party has obtained primary ballot access, so in August there will be three party columns on the ballot: Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian.

United States Senator
Representative in Congress
State Senator
Representative in State Legislature
County Commissioner
County Convention Delegates

Oakland County Public Transportation Millage Renewal. If approved, this proposal will renew and increase the .9863 mills formerly authorized to 1.0 mills for the years 2018 through 2021, and allow continued support to the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) for a public transportation system serving the elderly, disabled, and general public of Oakland County.

Full text of the proposal may be obtained by clicking here SAMPLE BALLOTS.

Registering to Vote
To be eligible to vote in the next election, you must be registered at least 30 day prior to the election and fulfill these requirements:

  • a U. S. Citizen
  • at least 18 years of age by election day
  • a resident of the City of Birmingham for at least 30 days

You may register to vote by mail (voter registration form), at your City or County Clerk's Office or any Secretary of State branch office. If you move to a new City you must re-register to vote. If you move within the same City, the Clerk's Office can handle the change. All Michigan voters must use the same residential address for voter registration and driver's license. Consequently, if you change your voter registration address your drivers license address will change. The reverse is true as well. Voter registration information may be obtained on the state web site at

Confirm your voter registration here.

 Voting at the Polls

The polls are open from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM.

You will need to bring photo identification such as your driver’s license or passport.  You do not need your voter registration card.  If you forget to bring your ID, you will be asked to sign an affidavit.  Confirm your voting precinct here.

Your voter identification card indicates the precinct location where you vote for all elections. The following are the voting precincts: Precinct Map  

PRECINCT 1          

Holy Name School,
680 Harmon (Corner of Greenwood)

Use north entrance 


Derby Middle School,
1300 Derby (East of Adams)
Voting in the gym


Derby Middle School,
1300 Derby (East of Adams)
Voting in the gym


First Presbyterian Church,
1669 West Maple 
Use south entrance 


Next (formerly BASCC)/Midvale School, 
2121 Midvale 

Voting in gym, use east entrance 


Municipal Building,
151 Martin  
Voting on second floor, conf rm 202-203 


Pierce School,
1829 Pierce  
Voting in gym 


Adams Fire Station,
572 South Adams
Use west entrance 


 Ice Arena, 
2300 East Lincoln
Voting in conference room


Voting Absentee

How do I apply for an absentee ballot? 

An eligible voter may apply for an absentee ballot until 4:00 p.m. on Monday, August 6, 2018.

You may apply for an absentee ballot:

  • In person at the City Clerk’s Office, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • By mail to 151 Martin Street, Birmingham MI 48009
  • By email to
  • By fax at to 248-530-1080

An application for an absentee ballot can be downloaded here.

In addition to our regular business hours, the City Clerk’s Office will be open on Saturday, August 4th from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. to issue and accept absentee ballots.

When do I need to return my absentee ballot?  We must receive your absentee ballot by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

For your convenience, a drop-box is located on the south side of the building.  The drop-box is checked daily and allows you the ability to drop off your ballot any time of the day or night.


Do I qualify for an absentee ballot?

If you meet one of the requirements below, you are eligible for an absentee ballot: 

  • I am 60 years of age or older.
  • I expect to be absent from the community in which I am registered for the entire time the polls are open on Election Day.
  • I am physically unable to attend the polls without the assistance of another.
  • I cannot attend the polls because of the tenets of my religion.
  • I have been appointed an election precinct inspector in a precinct other than the precinct where I reside.
  • I cannot attend the polls because I am confined to jail awaiting arraignment or trial.
Military and Overseas Voters  Please click here for additional information on obtaining an absentee ballot

Federal Postcard Application

If you are over sixty and would like to automatically receive an application for an absentee ballot for all elections, please let us know.  NOTE:  You must complete an absentee ballot application for each election in order to receive an absentee ballot.

Voting with Assistance

Federal and state laws require every City to provide accessible registration and voting locations for voters who are disabled. If you require voting assistance, ask the election workers for help and two inspectors will assist you.

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Additional information may be obtained through the Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC) web site maintained by the Michigan Department of State:

Contact the Birmingham City Clerk’s Office.