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Summer 2018 Cape Seal Program
Cape Seal FAQs and Resources

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Fall 2017 Cape Seal Program Updates:

  • 10/9/2017 - Field work complete; assessments to be mailed upon final receipt and review of contractor invoices - expected within 3-4 weeks. 
  • Slurry Coat Schedule - Updated 10/4/2017
Refer to this tentative schedule for the application of the final slurry coat for streets in the Fall 2017 cape seal maintenance program. Click the 'Email Notify' icon above to receive email alerts  related to this and future cape seal projects.

Note: In cases of inclement weather, all work will be shifted by one day, as indicated. Completed street portions are indicated by strikethrough text.

Monday 10/2
1/2 Westchester - Lincoln to Maple
1/2 Larchlea - Lincoln to Maple
1/2 Radnor - Maple to Berwyn

Tuesday 10/3
1/2 Puritan - Maple to Pine

1/2 Fairfax - Raynale to Suffield
1/2 Berwyn - Midvale to Avon
1/2 Bryn Mawr - Cranbrook to Radnor
Both Sides Willow Lane - Midland to Raynale
1/2 Avon - Radnor to Argyle

Wednesday 10/4
1/2 Westchester - Lincoln to Maple

Thursday 10/5
1/2 Larchlea - Lincoln to Maple
1/2 Avon - Radnor to Argyle
1/2 Radnor - Maple to Berwyn
1/2 Puritan - Maple to Pine

Friday 10/6
*Inclement Weather - Work Postponed*

Monday 10/9
1/2 Fairfax - Raynale to Suffield

1/2 Berwyn - Midvale to Avon
1/2 Bryn Mawr - Cranbrook to Radnor

Additional Questions? Contact the Department of Public Services at 248.530.1701

Summer 2018 Cape Seal Program
The Department of Public Services maintains nearly 26 miles of unimproved roadways through cape seal surface treatment. The next round of seal application is scheduled for Summer 2018. Streets tentatively identified for the project include:

CHESTERFIELD | Maple to Quarton 
FAIRFAX | Maple to Raynale
SUFFIELD | Maple to Quarton
PILGRIM | Maple to Quarton 
PURITAN | Pine to Redding
LAKE PARK | Maple to Redding
PINE | Chesterfield to Lakepark
RAYNALE | Chesterfield to Lakeside
REDDING | Chesterfield to Lakepark

The treatment will include a double layer of chip seal and a slurry microsurface, with some streets requiring surface pulverization prior application. Sidewalk crossing ramps in project areas will be upgraded to meet ADA requirements, where applicable. 

Cape Seal FAQs and Resources
For more information about cape seal, please view the following:

Cape Seal - Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Improved and Unimproved Roads

2017 Public Hearing Notice

For information about the improved street petitioning process, please view:

Improved Street Petition Process

VIDEOS | The Cape Seal Process:
For more information, contact the Department of Public Services at 248-530-1700.