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Landlord Code of Conduct

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The City of Birmingham prides itself on our sense of community. As part of ongoing efforts to enhance the living experience for everyone within our City, our Landlord Code of Conduct is a voluntary initiative that focuses on ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all tenants.

The Landlord Code of Conduct is built upon the principles of equitable treatment, respect, and fostering positive landlord-tenant relationships. We believe that the foundation of a thriving rental community starts with the interactions between landlords and tenants.  Landlords who have pledged to abide by the City of Birmingham's Landlord Code of Conduct (listed below) have committed to:

  1. Equitable Treatment: Treating all tenants fairly, regardless of their background, race, color, ethnic or national origin, source of income, religion, gender, disability, appearance, martial status, sexuality, politics, social status, or responsibility for dependents.
  2. Clear Communication: Always acting in a fair and honest way maintaining open lines of communication with tenants.
  3. Rent and Lease Transparency: Clearly outlining rental terms and conditions and when choosing not to sign or renew a lease with a particular person, I will give them ample notice and a reason as to why a lease cannot be entered into or renewed.

Landlords who wish to document their dedication to ethical and responsible property management may submit their pledge by signing and submitting the Landlord Code of Conduct document to Lauren Gieraltowski at lgieraltowski@bhamgov.org