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OCWRC RainSmart Rebate

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Rain Smart Rebate banner

  • 2-year residential pilot program offered through the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner (OCWRC).
  • Eligible properties must reside within the George W Kuhn Drain Drainage District (outlined on map below).
  • Goal: RainSmart Rebates aims to promote environmental stewardship and help homeowner manage stormwater by offering a rebate for installing green stormwater information (rain gardens, rain barrels, trees) on their property.
  • The program offers homeowners up to $2,000 for implementing sustainable stormwater practices. Eligible practices consist of planting of trees, rain barrel installation, or creating a rain garden.

Outline of area showing locations in Birmingham that rain smart rebates apply to





Rain Barrel

Minimum 50 gallon/barrel; up to two barrels/property


Rain Garden

Minimum 75 Square feet; must consist of at least 75% native species

$6/square foot


Minimum 5 feet tall; must be on the eligible tree list; up to two trees per property



City of Birmingham Storm Water Utility Fee

  • In 2016 the City adopted a Storm Water Utility Fee (Chapter 114, Article VI) for the volume of storm water that a property will discharge to the combined sewer.
  • The City offers credits to property owners who reduce the amount of storm water runoff leaving a property by installing certain measures.
  • Two of the measures the City will approve credits for are rain barrels and rain gardens, which are also part of the OCWRC RainSmart Rebates Program.
  • Residents could obtain cost rebates from OCWRC for installation of rain barrels or rain gardens and apply for storm water credits from the City of Birmingham.