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Donate Your Home for Training

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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Did you know you can donate your home or business for essential firefighter training exercises? Training inside a home enables firefighters to witness first hand not only what it's like to be in a home filled with (simulated) smoke, but also several other fire safety and rescue situations.

If you have plans to demolish your home (or any Birmingham building), keep this information in mind:

  • Your project will not be held up by the donation.
  • No real fire or smoke is used.
  • Any amount of time helps. The Fire Department will work with your schedule.
  • Donating your home or business to the Fire Department for training helps save lives in a real life scenario.

Download a flier regarding the Home Donation Program. For more information about donating your home or business for firefighter training, contact Captain Tom Hughes at thughes@bhamgov.org.

Firefighter climbs down ladder    More smoke out front door of training house

Robinson boys with training sign

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