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City Departments

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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The City Manager oversees the administrative functions of the City, including the operations of all City Departments and Department Directors are all appointed by the City Manager, while the City Clerk is appointed by the Commissioners and then reports to the City Manager.

Department Department Head Title Phone Number
Birmingham City Hall   General Information 248.530.1800
Birmingham Museum Leslie Pielack Museum Director  248.530.1682
Building Department Bruce Johnson Building Official  248.530.1850
City Clerk Alexandria Bingham City Clerk 248.530.1802
City Manager Tom Markus City Manager  248.530.1808
City Manager Marianne Gamboa Communications Director 248.530.1812
Department of Public Services Lauren Wood Director of DPS  248.530.1700
Engineering Department Jim Surhigh Consulting City Engineer  248.530.1850
Finance Department Mark Gerber Finance Director  248.530.1820
Fire Department/Emergency Management Paul Wells Fire Chief 248.530.1901
Human Resources Joseph Lambert HR Manager 248.530.1824
Planning Department Nicholas Dupuis Planning Director  248.530.1856
Police Department Mark Clemence Police Chief  248.530.1870
Treasurer's Office Mark Gerber Finance Director  248.530.1890