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Designated Historic Districts

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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Sec. 127-1 Purposes.

Historic districts in the City of Birmingham are an important feature to the city. The Historical preservation ordinance provides for the establishment of historic districts within the city. They safeguard the heritage of the city by preserving districts in the city which reflect elements of its cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history. In addition they stabilize or improve property values in and adjacent to such districts as well as promoting civic beautification of historic districts. Lastly, they promote the use of local history for the education, pleasure and welfare of the citizens of the city, state and the nation.  (Code 1963 5.701)

Sec.127-25. Mill Pond Neighborhood.

The Mill Pond Neighborhood shall consist of the following described lands and historic districts in the city:

  1. Historical Park historic district.
  2. Baldwin Park historic district.
  3. John W. Hunter House, 500 West Maple; Allen House, 556 West Maple. (National Register of Historic Places)
  4. Mill Pond historic district.
  5. Village Waterworks historic district.
  6. Chatfield-Hiram Campbell House historic district, 460 W. Maple.
  7. Edward Baldwin House historic district, 484 W. Maple
  8. Edgar Lamb House historic district, 474 Willits.
  9. Stickney House historic district, 412 Willits.
  10. Ebenezer Raynale House historic district, 300 Warren Court.
  11. Benjamin Daniels House historic district, 372 Harmon.
  12. Greenwood Cemetery historic district.

Interested in a walking tour of the historic Mill Pond Neighborhood? Download the walking tour and check out some of the important historical resources surrounding Booth Park:  Click the Map Below

Mill Pond Historic Walking Tour 4 - 9-21-2020

Sec. 127-25. Shain Park Historic District.

The Shain Park Historic District shall consist of all of the land within the boundaries of the Shain Park District as hereby established on the historic district maps. The Shain Park District shall consist of the following described historic resources in the city.

  1. Municipal Building, 151 Martin Street.
  2. Shain Park.
  3. Baldwin Library, 300 Merrill Street.
  4. Birmingham Community House, 380 S. Bates.
  5. United States Post Office, 322 Martin.

Sec. 127-25. Merrill, Townsend, Brown Neighborhood.

The Merrill, Townsend, Brown neighborhood shall consist of the following described lands and historic districts in the city.

  1. Abigail Carter House historic district, 415 Merrill Street.
  2. Irving House historic district, 439 Merrill.
  3. Daisy Benedict House historic district, 535 Merrill.
  4. Hewitt House historic district, 211 Townsend.
  5. Langley House historic district, 404 S. Bates.
  6. Townsend House historic district, 339 Townsend.
  7. Toms-Dickinson House historic district, 464 Townsend.
  8. Houston-Logan House historic district, 504-506 Townsend.
  9. Stewart House historic district, 505 Townsend.
  10. Fall House historic district, 523 Townsend.
  11. Schuyler House historic district, 544 Townsend.
  12. Cinderella Patch House historic district, 347 W. Brown.
  13. William Bell House historic district, 384 West Brown.

Sec. 127-25. Bates Street Historic District.

The Bates Street Historic District shall consist of the following described lands and historic resources in the city.

  1. United Presbyterian Parsonage, 539 S. Bates.
  2. Koontz House, 544 S. Bates.
  3. Peck House, 571 S. Bates
  4. John Hall House, 584-588 S. Bates.
  5. Major Jones House, 607 S. Bates.
  6. Frank Schlaak House, 612 S. Bates.
  7. John W. Perry House, 651 S. Bates.
  8. McBride House, 668 S. Bates.

Sec. 127-25. Other noncontiguous Historic Districts.

Other noncontiguous historic districts shall consist of the following described lands and historic districts in the city.

  1. Hood House historic district, 555 Stanley.
  2. Grooms House historic district, 587 Stanley.
  3. Trollop House historic district, 536 Southfield.
  4. Richard Erwin House historic district, 110 Southfield Road.
  5. Randall- Latham House historic district, 1128 Southfield Road.
  6. Daniels House historic district, 1128 Pierce.
  7. Eli Wooster House historic district, 1876 Northlawn.
  8. Schlaak House historic district, 839 Knox.
  9. King-Argus House historic district, 743 West Frank.
  10. Stewart- Watkins House historic district, 146 Puritan.
  11. Quarton Homestead historic district, 1155 Quarton.
  12. Birmingham Grand Trunk Western Railroad Depot historic district, 245 S. Eton. (National Register of Historic Places)
  13. Quarton Maple Avenue Home historic district, 1158 West Maple Road.
  14. Wallace Frost House historic district, 579 Tooting Lane.

 Sec. 127-25. Central Business District.

The central business district shall consist of all of the lands and resources within the boundaries of the central business district as hereby established on the district maps. The central business historic district shall consist of the following historic resources in the city.

  1. Wabeek Building, 256 W. Maple.
  2. Leonard Building, 166 W. maple.
  3. Quarton Building, 142 W. Maple.
  4. Blakeslee Building, 138 W. Maple.
  5. Billy McBride Building, 122 W. Maple.
  6. Ford Building, 101 N. Woodward and 120 W. Maple.
  7. Erity and Nixon Building, 163-167 N. Woodward.
  8. Bell Building, 191 N. Woodward.
  9. Schlaack Building and Huston Building 1916, 205-219 N. Woodward.
  10. Huston Building 1923, 237-243 N. Woodward.
  11. National Bank Building, 152-176 N Woodward.
  12. Wooster Building, 132-136 N. Woodward.
  13. Parks Building, 110-116 N. Woodward.
  14. Madison Building, 297-323 E. Maple.
  15. Hawthorne Building, 361 E. Maple
  16. Shain Townhouses, 378, 386, 390 E. Maple and 112,120, 124 Brownell.
  17. Briggs Building, 111 S. Woodward.
  18. Birmingham Theater Building, 211 S. Woodward.
  19. Ford-Peabody Mansion, 325 S. Woodward.
  20. Detroit Edison Building, 220 E. Merrill.
  21. D.U.R. Waiting Room, 138 S. Woodward.
  22. McBride Building, 124-128 S. Woodward.
  23. Johnston-Shaw Building, 112-114 S. Woodward.
  24. O-Neal Building, 106-110 S. Woodward.
  25. St. Clair Edison Building, 135-159 Pierce.
  26. Telephone Exchange Building, 148 Pierce.
  27. Bigelow-Shain Building, 115 W. Maple.
  28. Field Building, 135-141 W. Maple.