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Historic Marker Program

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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The Historic Marker Program in the City of Birmingham began in the Spring of 2000, when markers for seven buildings were approved by the Historic District Commission. The plaques that are affixed to historic buildings and sites are ceramic style markers that provide a brief history of the particular site or building. This is an ongoing program in the City, and the Historic District Commission will continue to nominate sites and buildings as they see fit.

The following sites or buildings have already received Historic Markers:

  • The Quarton Building, 142 W. Maple
  • The Erity and Nixon Building, 163-167 N. Old Woodward
  • The National Bank Building, 152-162 N. Old Woodward
  • The Shain Townhouses, 378-390 E. Maple
  • The Birmingham Theater Building, 211 S. Old Woodward
  • The Detroit Edison Building, 220 E. Merrill
  • The Old Telephone Exchange Building, 148 Pierce
  • 115 W. Maple-Bigelow Shain Building
  • 122 W. Maple-Billy McBride Building
  • 138 S. Old Woodward-Detroit United Railroad (DUR) Waiting Room Building
  • 135 N. Old Woodward-Ford Building
  • 151 Martin-Municipal Building
  • 300 Merrill-Baldwin Library Building