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Historic Preservation

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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Historic Preservation is often used as a general term to describe what is really a range of treatments from restoration, which returns a property to a certain period in history, to rehabilitation which alters a property for a new use while maintaining its historic character. The National Trust for Historic Preservation states, "When you strip away all the jargon and rhetoric, historic preservation is simply having the good sense to hang on to something -- an older building or neighborhood or a piece of landscape, for instance -- because it's important to us as individuals and/or as a nation."

Historic Preservation is an integral piece of holistic community development that can provide a link to a community's past and often maintains some of the defining features that give a community its character.  Historic preservation provides the economic benefits of adding value to properties, creating jobs, and promoting cultural tourism.

For information regarding historic preservation, please contact Planning Director, Nicholas Dupuis at 248-530-1856, or by email at ndupuis@bhamgov.org.