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Special Land Use Permits

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Special Land Use Permit (SLUP)?
The City has recognized that because of their nature, certain land uses require special consideration based upon their potential effect on the adjacent area. Special regulation of these uses is necessary to protect and preserve the quality of the city's residential and commercial neighborhoods.
When is a SLUP needed?
A SLUP is required for the following land uses: Schools, community buildings, churches, publicly-owned buildings, gasoline stations, drive-in facilities, child care centers, beer/wine sales, automatic laundries, trailer camps, bus stations, funeral homes, outdoor storage and parking facilities. Special Land Use permits for the listed uses are required in all zoning districts.
How do I apply for a SLUP?
The City Commission shall hear and deny or approve with conditions any application for a Special Land Use Permit. Prior to its consideration of a special land use application, the City Commission shall refer the site plan and design to the Planning Board for its review and recommendation. Final action is then taken by the City Commission. The remainder of the process follows the same process for site plan review, which is reviewed by the Planning Board initially and they provide their recommendation to the City Commission. Then, the City Commission will set a public hearing for the proposed Special Land Use Permit.

For additional information regarding Special Land Use Permits, please contact Nick Dupuis, Planning Director at 248.530.1850.