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Operation Medecine Cabinet

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The Birmingham Police Department, in conjunction with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and numerous other law enforcement agencies, is participating in “Operation Medicine Cabinet.” Operation Medicine Cabinet is a program that allows citizens to turn in unused legal prescription and over the counter drugs for disposal in an environmentally safe manner. This policy is based on the belief that the number of individuals abusing prescription drugs recreationally is increasing at an alarming rate. Also, the environmental health implications of improper disposal of prescription drugs by private citizens via flushing, negatively impacts our water systems. This program ensures disposal by incineration for the least impact on the environment and also creates a mode through which citizens can get prescription drugs out of their medicine cabinets and out of the hands of teens and other unauthorized persons who may abuse such drugs.

The Operation Medicine Cabinet deposit box is located in the lobby of the Birmingham Police Department. Residents will be asked for their name and address for record keeping purposes. Residents may deposit unused prescription and over the counter drugs at any time, as there are no set hours for this service.
Drop off guidelines are:
1. Prescription and over the counter drugs only, no contraband or illicit drugs.
2. No needles.
3. All liquids must be sealed.
4. All drugs being turned over must be in a clear plastic bag. If the drugs are not packaged properly, an officer will assist in ensuring proper containment.