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DTE Line Clearing

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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DTE Energy contracts all line clearance work to professional tree-trimming services. The crews follow generally accepted industry standards for line clearance, including directional pruning.

Directional pruning is recommended over topping, rounding or other pruning practices. Directionally pruned trees:

  • Are less susceptible to insect and disease problems.
  • Have a stronger overall structure of the tree that is more resistant to high winds and heavy ice.
  • Have only those branches that pose a threat to power lines removed.
  • Have future growth directed away from power lines.

Some trees, such as evergreens with one main trunk growing straight up into the power lines, must be topped to allow safe clearance for high-voltage power lines.

2021 Tree Trimming

Download a map showing where DTE Energy will be trimming trees in 2021 to help improve electric reliability in our community. DTE customers on affected circuit(s) will receive a phone call when planners will be out in the area. If the customer is not home when their property is evaluated, DTE will leave a door hanger with contact information for the property owner.  DTE contractors will be in our community and may be on residents’ properties as they plan and execute their work . They will be wearing high-visibility vests and carrying ID badges. Learn more about DTE's tree trimming program at www.dteenergy.com/treecare.