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Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation
2300 East Lincoln, Birmingham, MI 48009 (248) 530-1640
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Parks and Recreation
  • Parks and Recreation Board  The Parks and Recreation Board was established by ordinance in 1963.  Consisting of 7 members who are electors in the city and appointed by the City Commission serving a 3-year term, the Parks and Recreation Board is advisory to the City Commission.
  •  2024-2028 Parks and Recreation Master Plan   A Parks & Recreation Master Plan reflects a vision for parks and recreation facilities: their operations, maintenance, and enhancements for the next several years.  It's our playbook for community building as it relates to parks and recreation! 
  • Parks and Recreation Bond Projects   In November of 2020, the Birmingham Parks and Recreation Bond was approved by over 70% of voters!  See what projects are in the works!  
  • Donor Policy

Opportunities for recreation are available all year-round in Birmingham.  Twenty-six parks with over 230 acres cover more than 10% of the City's total acreage, and the school district also provides recreational facilities.  Residents can play baseball, softball, tennis and basketball, and enjoy playgrounds, picnic facilities and two miles of trails along the Rouge River.  Two nine-hole golf municipal golf courses offer golf and golf lessons.  The Birmingham Racquet Club features indoor courts and a lobby.  Anyone who enjoys winter sports can sled and cross country ski at Birmingham's Lincoln Hills Golf Course or sled at Booth Park.  Indoor ice skating is available at the Ice Sports Arena which provides for open skating, lessons and ice hockey and an outside temporary ice rink at Barnum Park is available to use based on the climate.  Birmingham's parks and recreational services extend beyond its residents.  The city's exceptional facilities are host to a variety of private organizations and residents of neighboring communities who rely on the recreational facilities for their programming needs.  In addition, Birmingham's parks and programmed events, such as In the Park Summer Concerts, have become well loved regional destinations.

We are now taking Online Reservations! To request a park space, reserve a tennis court, or request the Springdale Shelter click HERE!
Park Permits
Groups of various sizes may reserve city parks for fitness classes, parties, reunions, picnics and weddings and are required to make a reservation approved by the Parks and Recreation office. City Staff will determine the best location based on the size of the group.  Capacity depends on the activity and park selection. Springdale shelter maximum capacity is 150. Only one Springdale shelter rental is allowed per day for a five hour maximum. 

For more details about reserving the public parks, contact the Parks and Recreation Office at 248-530-1642 or cfolk@bhamgov.org.

Pickleball players
Pickleball Rules:

Pickleball Court Hours: 9am-8pm
Reservations Available Between 12pm-8pm for Birmingham Residents only
Pickleball Courts may be used by residents and non-residents

Designated Open Play 9am-12pm daily
Open Play is a designated time for players to meet up for pickleball-See Open Play Rules Below

Birmingham Residents May Reserve:
Two (2) hours of court time per week for up to two (2) weeks between the hours of noon and 8 p.m., (first come, first served). 
Click HERE to reserve Pickleball Only

Good sportsmanship is the rule, respect all players
Limit Play to 1 hour if others are waiting
Use the Pickleball Courts at your own risk
No pets on courts
No food, glass or alcoholic beverages
No foul, combative or hostile language
No amplified music
No in-line skates, skateboards, bicycles, wagons, roller-skates or scooters
Proper footwear required
Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult
Private classes are not allowed without written permission from the Parks & Recreation Office. In addition, the established fee of $5/court for private classes applies for every 2 hours reserved
Paddles/balls are available for rent at the Parks and Recreation Office Parks & Recreation 248-530-1642

Open Play (Mixed Skill Level) Rules:
9am-12pm Daily
When courts are full, waiting players are to place their paddles in the paddle holder

If there is a paddle or more up in the paddle holder, even if there are empty courts: Teams that have finished their game-losers come off the courts and allow the waiting player(s) to mix in If there are eight (8) or more waiting: The entire foursome should exit the court upon completion of their game

As players remove their paddles from the holder, they should move the bar to the right to the next set of paddles waiting and so on. If players remove their paddles at the far right or end of the holder, they should slide the bar back to the left or beginning of the holder

Thank you to the residents who supported the 2020 Parks & Recreation Bond and shared feedback via the city's public engagement platform, Engage Birmingham. Thank you also to city staff, Parks and Recreation Board members and the City Commission who made this priority project possible.

Parks and Recreation  Information