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Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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Follow this link to download the Final Report with Recommendations for Unimproved Streets

The Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee (AHUSSC) formulated a recommendation regarding the future of Birmingham’s unimproved streets. After extensive research on the initiation of the petition process, road surface/design alternatives, and funding to support a program of converting unimproved roads, the committee developed a draft recommendation. The committee received community input regarding the draft recommendation at their October 22nd meeting, and delivered a presentation regarding the draft plan.  They received additional community input at their November 12 meeting and created a final report with recommendations.  The City Commission accepted the Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee's final report  on Monday, December 21, 2020. The Commission will continue to review the implementation of this plan in the coming months. Pending direction from the Commission, City staff will begin updating the capeseal maintenance schedule and review those streets in conjunction with the water and sewer infrastructure on those streets to establish an annual priority schedule for inclusion in the city's capital improvement program. Additionally, a water and sewer bond will need to be established in conjunction with this program in accordance with the recommendations. Keep an eye on this webpage for future updates.

Public Engagement

During the Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee meeting on October 22 and November 12, the community was invited to share their input on the draft recommendation for unimproved streets. View the meetings below. 

Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee - Purpose & History

On September 25, 2017 the City Commission adopted Resolution 09-262-17 creating an Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee.

The purpose of the Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee is to conduct a city-wide study of unimproved streets and provide a recommendation to the City Commission outlining a long term plan for these streets.  

The term of the Committee shall continue through December 31, 2018, and the Committee will cease functioning unless otherwise directed by the Commission at that time.

The Committee shall have seven (7) members comprised of:

  1. Two (2) members of the City Commission.
  2. Three (3) residents living on an unimproved street representing different areas of the City.
  3. One (1) resident living on an improved street.
  4. One (1) member with a background in road design and maintenance.

The City Manager is an ex officio member of the Committee and may designate additional staff members and consultants to assist the committee in providing information and assistance as required.

The scope of the Committee shall be to develop a long term plan on how to best proceed in addressing unimproved roads in the City in accordance with the following:

  1. Review the history and evolution of the road system in the City.
  2. Review and evaluate the types of streets in the City while considering road durability, maintenance cycles, drainage, Rights-of-Way usage, traffic speeds, parking, resident preference and aesthetics.
  3. Review and evaluate policies from neighboring communities for addressing unimproved streets.
  4. Review the policies and procedures attributed to each type of street construction and maintenance method used by the City.
  5. Review conditions where small sections of unimproved streets exist within a predominately improved block and provide recommendations.
  6. Review conditions where large areas of unimproved streets exist within a neighborhood and provide recommendations.
  7. Review and evaluate cost and budget implications of any proposed recommendation and include strategic funding alternatives.
  8. Compile the Committee's findings and recommendations into a report to be presented at the end of the Committee's term.

Interested and qualified persons may submit an application at the City Clerk's office. Applications are available from the City Clerk's Office or at www.bhamgov.org/boardopportunities. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee, please contact Joe Valentine at 248.530.1809.  

Board Member Position
Pierre Boutros Representative of City Commission
Janelle Boyce Resident living on an improved street 
Michael Fenberg Resident living on an unimproved street
Scott Moore Resident living on an unimproved street 
Katie Schafer Resident living on an unimproved street
Stuart Sherman Representative of City Commission
Jason Emerine, PE Member with background in road design and maintenance

City boards and committees are now meeting in-person with a virtual option available to the public. Individuals who would like to attend meetings in person can access City Hall from the Martin Street entrance during normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  For meetings that occur after hours, visitors can access City Hall through the Police Department lobby entrance on Pierce Street. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask during meetings and while in City Hall.

Virtual Option for the Public

Members of the public who prefer to attend meetings virtually may continue to do so. Download Zoom instructions here.  Zoom information for each meeting can be found at the bottom of meeting agendas or by scrolling down to Meeting Notices for further information.

Watching City Meetings

The community may also watch many City meetings on the local cable access channel and by web streaming on the City's Vimeo channel.

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