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Boards & Commissions Opportunities

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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The City of Birmingham boards and commissions help shape the future of our community by serving in an advisory capacity to the City Commission.  Those interested in serving in a voluntary capacity on a board or commission may submit an application to the Office of the City Clerk. All applications are due by 12:00 p.m. on the date of closing.  Applications will appear in the public agenda at which time, applicants will be interviewed by the City Commission. The commission will discuss recommendations,  may make nominations and vote on appointments. 

All members of boards and commissions are subject to the provisions of City of Birmingham City Code Chapter 2, Article IX, Ethics and the filing of the Affidavit and Disclosure Statement.  Questions regarding this may be directed to the city clerk at 248.530.1880.

Relatives by blood or marriage, within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity, of an existing City Board, Commission or Committee member shall not serve on the same board as their relative.  This shall not apply to Election Inspectors serving in the same precinct. (Nepotism Policy adopted by City Commission on 4/11/16)

Apply Here: Download Application for City Board or Commission

Board, Commission or Committee

Closing Date 
12:00 p.m.

Date of Interview
at 7:30 PM 

Available Position

 Position Requirements

Advisory Parking Committee

Until filled*

TBD **

1 regular member

  • One regular member who is a restaurant owner to serve the remainder of a 3-year term to expire on 9/4/2023

Architectural Review Committee





Birmingham Shopping District Board




  • The board shall consist of 12 members as follows:

  • City Manager

  • Resident from an area designated as a principal shopping district
  • Resident from an adjacent residential area
  • A majority of members shall be nominees of individual businesses located within a principal shopping district who have an interest in property located in the district
  • The remaining members shall be representatives of businesses located in the district

Board of Building Trades Appeals



  • Applicants shall be qualified by experience or training in fields such as architecture, engineering, mechanical engineering, building, electrical plumbing, heating or refrigeration

Board of Ethics




  • Members shall be residents and have legal, administrative, or other desirable qualifications.

Board of Review




  • Members shall be property tax payers and electors in the city. 

Board of Zoning Appeals




  • Property owner of record and registered voter

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority





Design Review Board





Greenwood Cemetery Advisory Board  




  • Must be a resident of Birmingham, and insofar as possible, represent diverse interests, such as:

  • Family members interred in Greenwood Cemetery

  • Greenwood Cemetery burial site owners

  • Persons familiar with and interested in Birmingham history

  • Persons with familiarity and experience in landscape architecture, horticulture, law or cemetery or funeral professionals

Hearing Officer


  • Resident with legal, administrative or other desirable qualifications

Alternate Hearing Officer

until filled*


1 Alternate Member 

  • Hearing Officer shall be a resident of the city who has legal, administrative or other desirable qualifications that will aid him or her in the performance of the duties of the hearing officer.
  • 1 alternate member to serve a 3-year term to expire 6/30/2024

Historic District Commission



  •  Interested applicants should have a clearly demonstrated interest in or knowledge of historic preservation and/or be a member of a historic preservation organization.

Historic District Study Committee


  • Members shall have a clearly demonstrated interest in or knowledge of historic preservation.

Housing Board of Appeals




  • Education or experience in building construction administration, social services, real estate, or other responsible positions.

 Library Board





Martha Baldwin Park Board




Multi-Modal Transportation Board

  • In so far as possible, the committee shall be composed of the following:
  • Members should live in different geographical areas of the city
  • Member should have a mobility or vision impairment
  • Members do not necessarily need to be residents of Birmingham

Museum Board



Parks and Recreation Board




  • Members must be registered voters in Birmingham

Planning Board




  • Insofar as possible, the board shall be composed of the following:

    Michigan architect, CBD or Shain Park Historic District building owner and remaining members insofar as possible, must represent different occupations and professions such as, but not limited to the legal, financial or real estate professions, and the planning or design professions

Public Arts Board



3 regular members

1 alternate member


  • Members should represent a major cultural institution, be a Michigan registered architect, an artist, an art historian, or art consultant. Members may also be members of the Historic District Commission, Design Review Board, Parks and Recreation Board, or Planning Board. 
  • 3 regular members to serve 3-year terms expiring 1/28/2025
  • 1 alternate member to serve a 3-year term expiring 1/28/2025
Policy Statement on Alternate Members

Storm Water Utility Appeals Board

Until filled*


1 regular member

2 alternate members


  • At least one of the alternate members shall be a licensed professional engineer not employed by the City of Birmingham.
  •  Members are not required to be city residents.
  • 1 regular - Licensed Professional Engineer to serve the remainder of a 3-year term expiring in 1/31/2023
  • 2 alternate members to serve 3-year terms expiring 1/31/2025

Triangle District Corridor Improvement Authority



3 regular

  • Members must have an ownership or business interest in property located in the Development Area.
  • 1 regular member to serve the remainder of a term expiring 12/15/2022
  • 1 regular member to serve the remainder of a term expiring 12/15/2023
  • 1 regular member to serve 4-year term expiring 12/15/2025


*Until sufficient applications are received to fill the number of vacancies available.

**To be determined. Once an application is received, the applicant will be notified of the scheduled interview date with the City Commission.