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City Commission Goals

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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The following long-term goals were adopted by the City Commission in 2016.

Provide sound leadership and responsible governance to maintain financial stability.

  • Continue to utilize public resources in an effective, efficient manner adapting to current and future economic trends and conditions.
  • Balance community needs and desires with available resources.

Be innovative and responsive in how services are provided to the community.

  • Seek new and collaborative approaches to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery within an environment of competing community interests.
  • Continue to provide the highest levels of customer service in an economically sustainable manner.

Support the vitality of both the residential and business communities that depend upon each other for success.

  • Continue to encourage and recognize citizen involvement for the common good.
  • Support continued private investment throughout the City.

Cultivate a safe, healthy, and dynamic City.

  • Foster an innovative and inclusive environment that attracts all people to live, work, shop, and play.
  • Maintain a vibrant and walkable community.

Continue to be proactive with infrastructure maintenance programs and reinvestment in cost-effective improvements to roads, sewers, water mains, parking, parks and public facilities.