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City Government

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The City Charter of the City of Birmingham was first adopted in 1933, providing for a City Manager, Commission form and division of legislative and administrative functions. The Charter provides that all powers are vested in the Commission, consisting of seven members, all elected at large on a non-partisan basis. Commissioners serve staggered terms of four years and elect from their own members each year a Mayor who is a voting member of Commission. A Mayor Pro-Tem is also elected to serve in the absence of the Mayor.

The City Commission is advised by a number of public Board and Commissions, whose members are appointed by the City Commission. If you wish to serve on a City Board or Commission, please view a listing of current board opportunities.

The City Manager oversees the administrative functions of the City, including the operations of all City Departments and Department Directors are all appointed by the City Manager, while the City Clerk is appointed by the Commissioners and then reports to the City Manager.