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The Birmingham, Before and After Exhibition

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Birmingham Before and After graphicLifelong residents of Birmingham have fond memories of the past, both in physical aspects of town, such as specific buildings and restaurants, and in experiences, such as high school hi jinks and the unique personalized shopping experience of Jacobson's. During 2019, the museum explored some of the more recognizable modern-day views of Birmingham and dug into our archives to find historic images for comparison. Read more

Tyler Firestone Museum Exhibit in the Birmingham EagleLocal Seaholm High School senior Tyler Firestone put his own stamp on our exhibit when his senior capstone research project brought him to our doors. Tyler, who had not grown up here, was curious about how Birmingham developed its unique character. We helped him refine his questions and turned him loose on our archives, where he assembled a visual-spatial bubble diagram of what he saw as the five key characteristics in Birmingham's history that made it what it is today. The result became a special exhibit vignette that earned Tyler special recognition; and, as a result, a year later, he had decided to change his major to History!