The City of Birmingham has a reputation as one of the finest communities in Michigan and the City is now committed to providing opportunities for the filming industry to utilize many of the quality filming locations throughout the City.

Dating back to the 1820’s, Birmingham is a City steeped in history that has evolved over the years into the premier traditional downtown in the region. High quality downtown streetscapes, beautiful shops and boutiques, quality restaurants, tree lined residential settings and beautifully maintained parks make Birmingham ideal for filming many types of scenes.

Our community understands that the nature of the filming industry is such that timing can be critical to the choice of a location for shooting. It is for this reason that Birmingham has recently developed a new, film friendly process that allows Production Filming Permits to be obtained in 4-7 business days. Also, the City has appointed a Film Liaison in order to make a single point person available to filming and production firms. Our liaison is available to guide applicants through the permitting process and to expedite the review in order to ensure permits are issued in a timely fashion.

For personal service and assistance, please contact Matt Baka, Sr. Planner & Film Liaison at or 248.530.1848.

With the assistance of the Film Liaison, our goal is to assist the film industry in satisfying the City’s application requirements while making it a smooth and seamless process for the applicant. To begin the permit process, please download the Production Filming Permit Application. For additional information on production filming in Birmingham, please review the entire Production Filming Ordinance and the Fee Schedule.

For assistance with merchant contact information, available space and Birmingham’s many special events, please contact Ingrid Tighe, Principal Shopping District Director at 248.530.1250 or

Film Permit Application Materials

We look forward to working with the film industry, and thank you for your interest in our City.