Visit Japan during the 2017 Goodwill Mission

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to visit Japan during the 2017 Goodwill Mission, scheduled for September 5 through 15. The annual Goodwill Mission is a key component of Birmingham’s Sister City relationship with Ritto. It offers opportunities for Michigan and Shiga residents to deepen friendships and cultural understanding between our sister-states. These trips are a truly unique cultural experience!

This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Michigan-Shiga relationship. The Michigan-Shiga Sister State Board has invited 40 Michigan community members to enjoy a ten-day goodwill mission to Shiga, including home-stay experiences with Shiga families. The package includes:

- Roundtrip flight from Detroit Metro Airport and ground transportation

- Hotel (five nights)  and homestay with a Japanese family (four nights)

-  Most meals

-  Four days of sightseeing, including:

  • Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples
  • Ninja Village in Koka
  • Japan Center for Michigan Universities
  • Shopping excursions
  • Lake Biwa Museum
  • Traditional Japanese village on Lake Biwa
  • Scenic boat rides on Lake Biwa
  • Chikubushima Island

-  Participation in the 50th Anniversary Ceremony (Sept. 9) including:

  • Keynote remarks by Governors Snyder and Mikazuki
  • Special performances
  • Formal dinner

Individuals interested in participating in the 2017 Goodwill Mission to Shiga may contact Joellen Haines at