Public art is a vital part of the City of Birmingham. Art creates a richly diverse and meaningful experience while enhancing the visual character of our community. We invite you to enjoy the art we have on display and engage a friend, neighbor, or stranger on which piece is their favorite. The Birmingham Public Arts Board is responsible for assisting in the review and placement of public art installations in Birmingham. If you wish to display art on public property, please download the application.

Marshall Fredericks Walking/Driving Tour 
Famous sculptor Marshall Fredericks resided in Birmingham, and our community is proud to have so many of his works available for the public to view. Download a printable 4 page brochure to see a great downtown walking/driving tour with information on each of the sculptures, provided by Fredericks expert Marcy Heller Fisher.

In an ongoing effort to promote art in public spaces and enhance the downtown area, the Cultural Council of Birmingham/Bloomfield has reinstated its CityScapes program in collaboration with the Public Arts Board of the City of Birmingham. The program is managed under the terms of the existing Birmingham outdoor sculpture agreement between the City and the Cultural Council of Birmingham/Bloomfield for temporary installation of art on public property.

The objective of the CityScapes program is to serve as a launching platform to educate the community on the value of art in public places and enhance the visual character of the community. By inserting the work of artists into City life, ideas can be encountered and explored on a daily basis.

Map of Current Public Art Installations 

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