The goal of the Multi-Modal Transportation Board shall be to assist in maintaining the safe and efficient movement of motorized and non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians on the streets and walkways of the City and to advise the City Commission on the implementation of the Multi-Modal Transportation Plan, including reviewing project phasing and budgeting.  Board members shall be electors or property owners in the City.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Multi-Modal Transportation Board, please contact Scott GreweOperations Commander at 248.530.1875 or Jana Ecker, City Planner at 248.530.1841.

Board Member   Term Expires
David Lurie Member-at-large from different geographical areas of the City 03/24/2023
Katie Schafer Pedestrian Advocate 03/24/2024
Andrew Haig Member-at-large from different geographical areas of the City 03/24/2022
David Hocker Regular Member 03/24/2022
Johanna Slanga Traffic-focused Education and/or Experience 03/24/2022
Vacant Alternate Member 10/27/2022
Doug White Bicycle/Pedestrian Advocate 03/24/2024
Thomas Peard  Urban planning, architecture or design education/experience 03/24/2022
Joe Zane Alternate Member 10/27/2022
Lauren Morris Student Representative 12/31/2021
Justin Schoener Student Representative 12/31/2021
Alex Walters Student Representative 12/31/2021


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Multi-Modal Transportation Proposals


UPDATE - 11/13/2018: The Multi-Modal Transportation Board's recommendation to keep Kenwood Ct., Brookwood, N. Glenhurst Dr. and Raynale St. at their current widths will be reviewed by the City Commission on Monday November 19th, 2018 at 7:30 PM, Room 205, City Hall, as 151 Martin St., After 5 PM, please enter through the Police Department door located on Pierce St. City Commission meeting minutes and agendas for this meeting, and previous meetings, can be found here.

UPDATE - 10/15-2018
On October 4th, 2018, the Multi-Modal Transportation Board recommended to keep Kenwood Ct., Brookwood, N. Glenhurst Dr. and Raynale St. at their current widths. 

Past Public Hearing Information

  • PUBLIC HEARING SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2018 at 6 PM, Room 205, City Hall, at 151 Martin St., After 5 PM, please enter through the Police Dept. door located on Pierce St.
  • PUBLIC HEARING SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2018, at 6 PM, Room 205, City Hall, at 151 Martin St., After 5 PM, please enter through the Police Dept. door located on Pierce St.

As part of its ongoing effort to maintain streets, the City will be removing and replacing the 1930’s era pavements on four of its local streets.  New concrete pavements with curb and gutter are planned.  The work is slated to occur from approximately April to September, 2019.  The work will include upgrades to the water and sewer systems where necessary.  In accordance with current policy, homeowners that need their sewer or water service lateral replaced in the right-of-way will have those pipelines replaced.  The cost of this work will be a special assessment charged to the benefitting property owner.  If this issue applies to you, you will receive notice by US Mail at a later date.  No special assessments will be charged relative to the cost of the paving, or the main line water and sewer improvements. 

The map below depicts the project area.  New concrete streets are shown in yellow.  The numbers adjacent to the streets depict the current street width between curbs.  

4B - Map Glenhurst Area copy

The following information is being provided to you relative to certain pavement design changes that are being considered.  Your opinion is valued, and you are encouraged to provide input as described below after the detailed descriptions:

N. Glenhurst Dr. – Raynale St. to Oak St.
Raynale St. – N. Glenhurst Dr. to Chesterfield Ave.

When the above streets were originally paved, the road was constructed at 32 ft. wide, measured from curb face to curb face.  Other local streets in Birmingham are typically narrower.  The City’s current standard road width for local streets is 26 ft., again measured from the faces of the curb.  A 26 ft. wide road allows parking to remain legal on both sides of the street, and still allows one vehicle at a time to pass through the street.  This is described as a yield condition where one vehicle has to yield to oncoming traffic if there are cars parked on both sides of the street.  The street width would be similar to that constructed at the new crosswalk located on the north side of the Glenhurst Dr. and Oak St. intersection (see photo below)

By reducing the width of the street, the following benefits are obtained: 

  • Additional green space for pedestrians and homeowners. 
  • In the case of Glenhurst Dr., the additional three feet would allow the City to plant City trees along the curb, similar to most other streets in Birmingham.
  • Narrower streets tend to help keep traffic speeds down.
  • Reduced crosswalk lengths will reduce the amount of time pedestrians are in the street and increase pedestrian safety.

The Multi-Modal Transportation Board is recommending that these streets be reconstructed at 26 ft. wide, measured at the face of the curbs, in accordance with the City’s Residential Street Width Policy.

Brookwood Lane – N. Glenhurst Dr. to Raynale St. 

Brookwood Lane was previously constructed with a 24 ft. width.  The street is the minimum width recommended while maintaining legal parking on both sides of the road. 

In accordance with the City’s Residential Street Width Policy, the Multi-Modal Transportation Board is recommending that the new road match the width of the current pavement (24 ft., measured between the face of the curbs).

 Kenwood Ct.

 The older, original section of Kenwood Ct. (to a point about 220 ft. east of Glenhurst Dr.) was constructed at 24 ft. wide.  The easterly, newer section was also built at 24 ft. wide.

 The City plans to completely remove and replace the pavement on the older section closer to Glenhurst Dr.  In the case of the new section, bad sections of asphalt and curb will be repaired.  The top 1.5 inches of asphalt will then be removed and replaced with a new asphalt surface. 

In accordance with the City’s Residential Street Width Policy, for the new concrete section the Multi-Modal Transportation Board is recommending that the new road match the width of the current pavement (24 ft., measured between the face of the curbs).  The remainder of Kenwood Ct., where just maintenance work is proposed, will keep its current width as well.


 The Multi-Modal Board wishes to receive input from area residents prior to making a final recommendation to the City Commission.  If you would like your position known, but cannot attend the meeting, please forward written comment to the Engineering Dept. at preferably no later than Wednesday, August 29, 2018, for the Board’s review.  If you have questions, you may contact Austin Fletcher at the email address above, or at 248-530-1850.


 Over the past year, the Board has been studying potential improvements to the entire S. Eton Rd. corridor from Maple Rd. to 14 Mile Rd.  Previous discussions at the Board level have resulted in a recommendation to the City Commission that includes:

  •  A pedestrian island at Maple Rd.
  • Narrowing of S. Eton Rd. from Maple Rd. to Yosemite Blvd. to allow an improvement to the sidewalk on the west side of the street.
  • Narrowing of S. Eton Rd. from Yosemite Blvd. to Villa Ave. to allow for wider sidewalks, as well as a green parkway with new street trees between the sidewalk and the road (on-street parking would be eliminated).
  • Removal of parking on the southbound side of the street, from Villa Ave. to Lincoln Ave., and using this paved area to install a two-way bike path separated from vehicle traffic by the use of a raised buffer.

The City Commission, while aware of the above proposal, has not taken any action on it to date. Attached is an aerial map north of Lincoln, and an aerial map south of Lincoln.

The Board has passed a motion recommending changes to S. Eton Rd. from Maple to 14 Mile Rd.
x section s eton at yosemite (1)  

x section s-eton-street-lincoln-to-villa

Option B2 Cross-Section

The cross-section shown represents what the street would look like facing north.  Features include:

 1. The installation of an 8-footwide concrete bicycle path,  constructed on the right of way between the existing Citystreet trees and the west edge of the road. The plan would feature a dashed yellow line down the middle to encourage two-way traffic. A 2-foot wide green space would remain between the new path and the existing street.  The Board discussed landscaping alternatives to grass, however, no decision  was made. Each driveway approach would need to be reconstructed from the existing City sidewalk to th west curb i order to accommodate the new bike path. (The City sidewalk would remain as is.)  

 2.The existing street would generally be left as is, except that a white line would be painted at 8 feet off the west curb, encouraging parking for southbound traffic.  The existing street will get the white line noted, but also a double yellow line will be added to help clarify two through travel lanes moved to the east side of the street. The current restriction banning overnight parking from 2 a.m. to 6a.m. would be removed to encourage use of this area by adjacent residents. 

  3. Curb extensions (bumpouts) would be installed at each intersection on the west side of the street in the area of the parking lane, to reduce the width of the street in these areas, thereby improving pedestrian safety at each crosswalk. 

If you have any questions, you may contact Paul O'Meara at the email address above, or at 248-530-1836.

 Multi-Modal Transportation Plan  

The City's Multi-Modal Transportation Plan will be used to improve and expand opportunities for pedestrians, bicycles and transit users to respond to the growing demand for alternative forms of travel and to promote safe and comfortable transportation options. Find out more at Download the plan here, in addition to the Network Map and Downtown Map

Commissioners Approve W. Maple Trial Period
On Monday, June 1, the Birmingham City Commission approved recommendations from the Multi-Modal Transportation Board to create a modified cross-section for W. Maple Rd. from east of Cranbrook Rd. to Southfield that includes a three lane configuration with two through lanes and one continuous left turn lane.  The changes will be made for an undetermined trial period beginning in August or September.

Watch the May 7, 2015 Multi-Modal Transportation Board Meeting

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