The purpose of the Ad Hoc Committee is to work with the branding firm to filter information and ideas gathered during the stakeholder groups branding discovery meetings and to make a recommendation to the City Commission for the rebranding of the City logo.

The goal of the rebranding initiative is to establish a new brand (logo) that communicates Birmingham’s image in a positive, evolving and refreshing way. 

The BBDC is comprised of one member from the Parks and Recreation Board, one member from the Birmingham Shopping District (BSD), one member from the Planning Board, two City Commissioners, and two at-large members drawn from different neighborhoods.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Ad Hoc Parking Development Committee, please contact Joellen Haines, Assistant to the City Manager, at 248.530.1807.  

 Board Member  
Rackeline Hoff City Commission member
Mark Nickita City Commission member
Douglas Fehan  Birmingham Shopping District Board member
Bert Koseck  Planning Board member
Lilly Stotland  Parks and Recreation Board member
Celeste Hofley Member-at-large from different neighborhoods in the City
Peter Hollinshead                       Member-at-large from different neighborhoods in the City                      

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