On September 25, 2017 the City Commission adopted Resolution 09-262-17 creating an Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee.

The purpose of the Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee is to conduct a city-wide study of unimproved streets and provide a recommendation to the City Commission outlining a long term plan for these streets. Download a complete list of unimproved streets in the City. 

The term of the Committee shall continue through December 31, 2018, and the Committee will cease functioning unless otherwise directed by the Commission at that time.

The Committee shall have seven (7) members comprised of:

  1. Two (2) members of the City Commission.
  2. Three (3) residents living on an unimproved street representing different areas of the City.
  3. One (1) resident living on an improved street.
  4. One (1) member with a background in road design and maintenance.

The City Manager is an ex officio member of the Committee and may designate additional staff members and consultants to assist the committee in providing information and assistance as required.

The scope of the Committee shall be to develop a long term plan on how to best proceed in addressing unimproved roads in the City in accordance with the following:

  1. Review the history and evolution of the road system in the City.
  2. Review and evaluate the types of streets in the City while considering road durability, maintenance cycles, drainage, Rights-of-Way usage, traffic speeds, parking, resident preference and aesthetics.
  3. Review and evaluate policies from neighboring communities for addressing unimproved streets.
  4. Review the policies and procedures attributed to each type of street construction and maintenance method used by the City.
  5. Review conditions where small sections of unimproved streets exist within a predominately improved block and provide recommendations.
  6. Review conditions where large areas of unimproved streets exist within a neighborhood and provide recommendations.
  7. Review and evaluate cost and budget implications of any proposed recommendation and include strategic funding alternatives.
  8. Compile the Committee's findings and recommendations into a report to be presented at the end of the Committee's term.

Interested and qualified persons may submit an application at the City Clerk's office. Applications are available from the City Clerk's Office or at www.bhamgov.org/boardopportunities

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Ad Hoc Unimproved Street Study Committee, please contact Tiffany Gunter, Deputy City Manager, at 248.530.1827.  

 Board Member  Position
Pierre Boutros Representative of City Commission
Janelle Boyce Resident living on an improved street 
Michael Fenberg Resident living on an unimproved street
Scott Moore Resident living on an unimproved street 
Katie Schafer Resident living on an unimproved street
Stuart Sherman Representative of City Commission
Jason Emerine, PE Member with background in road design and maintenance

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