The City of Birmingham has declared that public office and employment are public trusts. For government to operate properly, each city official, employee, or advisor must earn and honor the public trust by integrity and conduct. All city officials, employees, and advisors must avoid conflicts between their private interests and the public interest and must not use public office for personal gain.

All proceedings before the Birmingham Board of Ethics are subject to the Open Meetings Act.

Ethics Ordinance
Through the Ethics Ordinance,the city has established rules of conduct for city officials, employees, and advisors and has designed a process for determining whether their conduct conforms to or violates the ordinance. That process contemplates the involvement of all citizens, not just city officials, employees, and advisors, in monitoring the integrity of city government.

Board of Ethics
When there is a question or a complaint as to the applicability of any provision of the Ethics Ordinance to a particular situation, the city directs that question or complaint to the Board of Ethics. The Board of Ethics may conduct hearings and issue advisory opinions as applicable under the ordinance.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Board of Ethics, please contact the City Clerk's Office, at 248.530.1880.

Board Member   Term Expires
Sophie Fierro-Share Regular Member 06/30/2023
James Robb Regular Member 06/30/2022
John Schrot Jr. Regular Member 06/30/2024




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