The function and duty of the Design Review Board is to advise the City Commission in regard to the proper development of the city. The Design Review Board is specifically charged with carrying out the goals, objectives and intent of the city's adopted master plan and urban design plan and other development-oriented plans which may subsequently be adopted. The Design Review Board is authorized to advise and cooperate with the City Commission, city Planning Board, Historic District Commission and other city advisory boards and cooperate with the planning, historic district and legislative bodies of other governmental units in any area outside the boundaries of the city.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Design Review Board, please contact City Planner Nicholas Dupuis at (248)-530-1856, or by email at

Board Member   Term Expires
Keith W. Deyer Engineer 09/25/2023
Natalia Dukas Regular Member 09/25/2022
John Henke III Historic Society Representative 09/25/2021
Joseph Mercurio Regular Member 09/25/2020
Michael Willoughby Regular Member 09/25/2022
Gigi Debbrecht Regular Member 09/25/2021
Patricia Lang Regular Member 09/25/2021
Vacant Alternate  09/25/2022
Vacant Alternate  09/25/2022









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