The housing board of appeals was established in order to provide an appeal process from regulation derived from the housing and maintenance requirements found in Chapter 22 of the city code. The purpose of the housing and maintenance regulations is to protect, preserve and promote the physical and social well being of the people, to regulate privately and publicly owned dwellings for the purpose of maintaining adequate sanitation and public health.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Housing Board of Appeals, please contact Bruce Johnson, Building Official, at 248.530.1842.

Board Member   Term Expires
Luke Joseph Regular Member 05/04/2023
Wadette Bradford Regular Member 05/04/2022
Chris McLogan Regular Member 05/04/2023
Karson Claussen Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer 05/04/2024
Robert Taylor Jr. Regular Member 05/04/2022
Philip Vincenti Builder/Contractor 05/04/2024
Robert Ziegelman  Architect 05/04/2023







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