The museum board is charged with collecting, arranging, cataloging and preserving historical material. The board may locate and erect plaques or markers at historic sites, buildings or properties in the City of Birmingham with the consent of the owner or owners of any such property and subject to the approval of the city commission with respect to properties that, in the opinion of the board, have historic significance. Further, the board shall have the power to develop, operate and maintain the Allen House as a museum and to exercise authority, control and management over the Hunter House and John West Hunter Memorial Park.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Museum Board, please contact Leslie Pielack, Museum Director, at 248.530.1928.

Board Member   Term Expires
Jay R. Shell Regular Member 07/05/2024
Alexandria Harris  Regular Member 07/05/2024
Marty Logue Historical Society Member 07/05/2023
Jacqueline Patt Regular Member 07/05/2023
Judith Keefer Regular Member                  07/05/2022
Caitlin Rosso Regular Member 07/05/2023
Patrick Hughes Business Member 07/05/2022
Carter Lutz Student Representative 12/31/2021
Aidan Schoener Student Representative 12/31/2021
Bev Erickson Alternate 07/05/2023


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