The goal of the Parks and Recreation Board is to promote recreation and park development programs for the city of Birmingham. The board and its various committees meet regularly and provide input to staff and the City Commission in their areas of concern and expertise. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Parks and Recreation Board, contact Lauren Wood, Director of Public Services, at 248.530.1702.

Board Member   Term Expires
Ross Kaplan Regular Member 03/13/2023
Pam Graham Regular Member 03/13/2022
Eleanor Noble Regular Member 03/13/2023
John Rusche Regular Member 03/13/2024
Heather Carmona Chairperson 03/13/2024
Dominick Pulis Vice Chairperson 03/13/2022
Susan Collins Regular Member 03/13/2024
R.J. Carrel Student Representative 12/31/2021
Alison Chapnick Student Representative 12/31/2021
Kyle Sayers Student Representative 12/31/2021
Anne Lipp Alternate 3/13/2022
Jeffrey LaBelle Alternate 3/13/2023

*NEW* 2018 Updated Parks & Recreation Master Plan

2012-2016 Parks & Recreation Master Plan
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City of Birmingham Parks and Recreation Donor Policy