The Planning Board hears design reviews, zoning ordinance text amendments and any other matters which bears relation to the physical development or growth of the city. 

Specifically, the duties of the planning board are: Long range planning;  zoning ordinance amendments;  recommend action to the city commission regarding special land use permits;  site plan/design review for non-historic properties;  joint site plan/design review for non-residential historic properties;  rezoning requests;  soil filling permit requests;  requests for opening, closing or altering a street or alley.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Planning Board, please contact Jana Ecker, Planning Director at 248.530.1841.

Board Member             Term Expires
Janelle Boyce Residential/Interior Designer Member 03/28/2023
Robin Boyle  Planner/Professor  03/28/2022 
Scott Clein Regular Member 03/28/2022 
Stuart Jeffares Regular Member  03/28/2024
Bert Koseck Architect  03/28/2023
Nasseem Ramin Alternate Member 11/02/2023
Daniel Share Building Owner 03/28/2024
J. Bryan Williams Attorney 03/28/2024
Jason Emerine Alternate Member 11/02/2023
Daniel Murphy Student Representative 12/31/2021
Jane Wineman Student Representative 12/31/2021


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