The objectives of the Public Arts Board are to enrich the City's civic and cultural heritage; to promote a rich, diverse, and stimulating cultural environment in order to enrich the lives of the City's residents, business owners, employees, and all visitors; and to establish an environment where differing points of view are fostered, expected, and celebrated by providing the opportunity for such expression through the display of public art.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Public Arts Board, please contact Brooks Cowan at 248.530.1846. 

Board Member   Term Expires
Barbara Heller Resident Member 1/28/2021
Monica Neville Resident Member 1/28/2021
Vacant Resident Member 1/28/2022
Anne Ritchie Resident Member 1/28/2020
Vacant Resident Member 1/28/2022
Linda Wells Resident Member 1/28/2022
Jason Eddleston Resident Member 1/28/2020
Natalie L. Bishai Alternate 09/28/2020
Vacant Student Representative  12/31/2019
Vacant Student Representative 12/31/2019






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