Building Permit  Procedures for Construction and/or Demolition                               

All construction or demolition* projects require the submission of a completed permit application and corresponding documentation as it applies to the proposed work.  In addition, all applicants must also develop preliminary plans for submission to the Building Plan Reviewer.   Any new construction, additions, pools, and other large projects will also require a Site Evaluation Application.  If you are unsure of your project requirements you may shcedule a meeting with a City Plan Reviewer.  The City requires two folded sets of complete construction drawings, a certified survey, and all other pertinent information and documents to be submitted at the time of application.  Topographical elevations are required on all certified surveys with a minimum of four corners.  
Please allow approximately two to three weeks for the review process. Once plans have been reviewed, the applicant is contacted and either asked to respond to the review, submit revisions, or pick up the building permit/demolition permit.  

Additional Requirements:
  • Please make all fees payable to the "The City of Birmingham"               
  • Plumbing, heating, refrigeration and electrical alterations require separate permits.
  • Building applications must include a copy of a current Builders License.
  • All Plot Plans submitted must have location of City Trees in Right of Way.

*For residential demolition projects, refer to the Residential Demolition Requirements page.