Residential Demolition Requirements

Approval Requirements for Residential Demolition

Please be advised that as the GENERAL CONTRACTOR for this project, it is YOUR responsibility to monitor continued compliance with subcontractors. The following items are required to be submitted by the owner or the owner's agent:

  • 1.  Approved disconnect notices from all utilities:                        
        a. Electric
        b. Gas
        c. Telephone
        d. Water - A $1,930.00 fee is required for water disconnects & meter removal, (Meter trip fee $80.00 &      disconnect fee $1,850.00)  - or-
            Water - A $1080.00 fee is required for service disconnects at the property line if the service will be reused, (Meter trip fee $80.00 & Disconnect fee $1,000.00).
        e.  Cable

    2.  A survey of the structures on the property to be demolished.

    3.  Verification of written notice to adjoining lot owners as stated in Demolition form is available from the Community Development Department.

    4.  Letter of intent: (All of these items must be in place and verified by Code Enforcement before the Demolition Permit will be issued.)
        a. The entire lot will be fenced with rigid fencing & the front fencing will be back a minimum of 1 foot from the side-walk.
        b. Silt fencing will be buried 6" around the perimeter of the property inside the rigid fencing.
        d. The property address will be posted.
        e. City trees in the right of way will be protected from any damage during construction.

    5. Sidewalks will be clear for passage at all times during demolition or a Sidewalk Obstruction Permit obtained from the City Engineering Division.

6.  Sidewalks, streets and parkways will be maintained free of dirt and debris.

7.  The date and time schedule for the demolition.

In cooperation with the Historic Board, we require 4"x 6" color photos of the front, back, and both sides of the house you are requesting to demolish be submitted with your demolition permit application in order to retain a record of all houses previously built in Birmingham.