Greenwood Cemetery is located on Oak Street, west of Old Woodward.

8:00 a.m. - Sundown

Purchase a Grave Site
If you are interested in purchasing a grave site, contact Creative Collaborations at 248.928.4094 or email Cheri Arcome.  

Contact Creative Collaborations for more information on private sales. 
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Transfer Deed
To transfer a deed to a grave, please supply a letter indicating the seller's information, the purchaser's information, and the grave location. The letter must be signed by the seller.  A new deed will be issued to the purchaser.  The administrative fee to transfer a deed to a grave is $150.00.

Burial Information
One full burial or three cremations are allowed per grave. The information must be submitted to the clerk's office in time to allow not less than ten (10) hours of daylight prior to burial to prepare the grave.

Fees for burials  
Cremation $750.00
Full Burial $1,400.00
Weekends, Holidays, Overtime     $400.00 (additional) 

Foundation/Marker Information
Foundations will be poured April to November, weather dependent, as determined by the Superintendent. Requests received after November 1st will be held until conditions allow for installation.  The fee to pour a foundation is $125.00 per linear foot. 

*Please note: Only flush markers are allowed in section F-North and the newly designated graves in sections B, C, D, K, L, O.

History of Greenwood Cemetery/Greenwood Cemetery Self-Guided Tour
The Greenwood Cemetery is one of Birmingham's historic treasures.  Founded in 1825 after a grisly murder in the settlement of what is now called Birmingham, the cemetery has been the resting place of many of Birmingham's citizens ever since.  The pleasant setting with shady trees is full of local history; the oldest 1/2 acre section was donated by early settler Dr. Ziba Swan. Take a printable 2 page map brochure with you next time you wander the grounds.  The Greenwood Cemetery is on Oak, west of N. Old Woodward.  The main entrance gate is the east gate.  Note:  Please do not park in the cemetery. Follow the link to learn more about the origins of Greenwood Cemetery.

Contact Info
To schedule a burial or foundation or to transfer a deed, please contact Ceri Arcome at 248.928.4094.

City Code: Chapter 34
Map of Greenwood Cemetery