Important Letter from Your City Clerk  
Absent Voter Ballot Application FAQ

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Attention Birmingham Voters,

The City’s Clerks office is working hard to proactively prepare for the elections coming up this August and November. We have been maintaining an absentee voter list for the past few years, this list makes it easier for voters to know when an election is coming up and request their ballot by mail.  For all of our registered voters not currently on our permanent absentee mailing list, you will soon receive a postcard (pictured below) in the mail with the option to join the absentee voting mailing list.

Join AV Mailing

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and in our efforts to keep our community safe, we are strongly encouraging voters to consider joining our absentee voter mailing list.

As always we want our elections to be conducted safely, with integrity, transparency, and highest level of service to our Birmingham voters. 

Do not hesitate to contact the Clerk’s office with any questions regarding elections. Call 248-530-1880 or email

Wishing you well,
Alexandria Bingham
City Clerk Designee

The next election is the August 4, 2020 General Primary, followed on November 3, 2020 with the General election. Applications for Absent Voter ballots will be mailed out to voters on our Permanent Absent Voter list in mid-late June. Below is a sample of what to watch for if you are on the list:
AV App Proof_Page_2_Page_1 - Copy

Sample ballots will be available approximately one month prior to an election being held in our jursidiction.

Understanding Absent Voter Ballot Applications

What is an Absent Voter Ballot Application?
An absentee ballot application is not a ballot. By submitting it, voters are requesting to obtain an absentee ballot by mail and vote using that method. Adding your name to the Permanent Absent Voter List means you will receive an absent ballot application in the mail for every election.

Why are voters encouraged to vote by mail in the upcoming elections?
You have the right to vote by mail in every election. Voting by mail is easy, convenient, and secure. During the outbreak of COVID-19, it also enables you to stay home and stay safe while still making your voice heard in our elections. Absent voting has many benefits including avoiding long lines, the ability to maintain social distancing, and time to study the ballot.

Why is it called a "Permanent" Absent Voter List? Does that mean I may no longer vote in person?
No, it does not. Voters should know and understand all of their options, and not feel confused or worried about the word "permanent". If a voter requests and receives an absentee ballot, they can surrender it and vote in person if they wish. Voters always have the choice to vote absentee or in person. Adding your name to the Permanent Absent Voter List means you will receive an absent ballot application in the mail for every election.

Is it possible I may receive an Absent Voter Ballot Application from the City and the State?
Yes. The State is mailing absent voter ballot applications to everyone who is not on the City's permanent absent voter list. The City will be mailing absent voter ballot applications to everyone who is on the permanent absent voter list in mid-June. If you just signed up for the permanent absent voter list, it is possible you may receive a ballot application from the City and the State. It is not necessary to complete both applications; submitting the City's application is sufficient.

What should I do if I plan to move prior to the elections?
Notify your city clerk and visit to learn how to receive an absentee ballot in your new community.

What should I do if I just moved to Birmingham and received an absent voter ballot application from my old community?
Contact the Birmingham City Clerk's Office at 248-530-1880 to request a new absent voter ballot application. Let your previous City Clerk know that you have moved.

Where can I find more information?
Follow these links for a general voting FAQ and absentee voting information from the State.

I received several Absent Voter Ballot Applications in the mail. How do I know which ones are legitimate?
Look for the logo below to ensure the application is from your City Clerk's office.
The absentee ballot applications from other organizations will  most often suffice as long as it includes all of the correct information. 

For more information on voting in Michigan, please visit the Michigan Secretary of State's website: