The sample ballot for the March 10, 2020 election is now available for you to view below. You may also visit to view your sample ballot . 

Please note that Michigan election law, MCL 168.569a, stipulates that candidate names must be rotated on the ballot in specified instances to eliminate the chance that a candidate may be unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged in an election by his or her position on the ballot. 

Sample ballots will be
 available at the City Clerks Office, 151 Martin St., Birmingham MI 48009 during regular business hours. Please call ahead to confirm that we have received the sample ballots from the printer. 

To view samples ballots, please make your selection below. Note that each option has all 9 voting precincts, starting at precinct 1 and ending at precinct 9. The Democrat and Republican ballots are two-sided ballots.

No Party Declaration Ballot

Democratic Party Ballot

Republican Party Ballot