Barnum Park is located at Pierce and Frank and includes such features as a play structure, softball, soccer fields, a crushed stone walking path, garden sanctuary, tree-lined promenade and an outdoor ice rink. During the winter months, find out if the outdoor ice rink is open by calling the Department of Public Services at 248-530-1700. 

When the Barnum Park Outdoor Ice Rink is open, bring your skates and take a few spins around the large outdoor ice rink, located at Frank St. and Purdy.  The ice rink may be covered with snow at times, but city crews will clear it as soon as is feasible. Users are permitted to shovel the snow to clear an area for skating. Signs will be posted if it is closed due to slushy or soft ice. See the video below of DPS crews clearing the ice of snow on 12-28-17 to get it ready for skaters.

DSCF0431 from Joellen Haines on Vimeo.

The video below was taken Dec. 6, 2017 and shows the ice rink being filled with water to freeze.

DSCF0344 from Joellen Haines on Vimeo.

Learn more by viewing the outdoor ice rink rules.

Barney has returned.

Free Little Library at Barnum Park
Kids of all ages have to go no farther than Barnum Park to enjoy Birmingham’s first “Little Free Library” housed inside a brightly painted owl figure perched in a tree on the southeast corner of Barnum Park from April through November. So what exactly is a Little Free Library? It’s a “take a book, leave a book” free book exchange. Anyone may take a book or bring a book to share. Enjoy!

Barnum Park Little Free Library Named
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Barnum Park History
The Community for Barnum Park, a volunteer group comprised of local residents, beginning in 2007 started fund raising efforts to  capture donation dollars for additional improvements/enhancements at Barnum Park.  To date, the donations to the City of Birmingham are an amazing amount of around $177,000.

Park Construction Phase 1 occurred during 2009 for a total cost of $832,000 paid by Parks and Recreation bond. A variety of new trees have been installed in various locations throughout the park. Future improvements may include enhancing various natural areas which will include adding native grasses and perennials to establish native prairie gardens. Phase 2 design work and improvements are underway and include four features. These features are the sanctuary, heart of the park, play area and overall landscape improvements. Funding for additional improvements will primarily be from donation dollars. 

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Barnum Ice Rink