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2018 Cape Seal Project


Slurry Application Schedule
Streets segments will be partially closed, restricting traffic to one lane for approximately 4 hours, as contractors apply the slurry coat. In some cases (indicated below), both lanes will be closed to traffic.  Additionally, street-side parking will be prohibited on work days.

Closure information will be communicated via street signs and door hangers 1-2 days before work is scheduled to begin. Please obey traffic signs and DO NOT DRIVE ON WET SLURRY. 

The following table illustrates the treatment schedule, including which lanes will be closed:

  Street Limits Lane
DAY 1 Lakepark Maple to Redding SB
Tues 9/4 Fairfax Maple to Oak SB
DAY 2 Pilgrim Maple to Quarton SB
Wed 9/5 Chesterfield Oak to Quarton SB
  Fairfax Oak to Raynale SB
DAY 3 Suffield Maple to Quarton SB 
Thur 9/6 Puritan Pine to Redding SB
DAY 4 Suffield Maple to Quarton SB
Fri 9/7 Puritan  Pine to Redding SB
  Fairfax Maple to Pine NB
DAY 5 Chesterfield Maple to Pine NB
Sat 9/8 Chesterfield Pine to Oak BOTH
  Pine Chesterfield to Fairfax BOTH
RAIN OUT - MON 9/10      
See adjusted schedule below      
DAY 6 Chesterfield Maple to Pine SB
Tue 9/11 Lakepark Maple to Redding NB
  Pilgrim Maple to Oak NB
  Fairfax Pine to Raynale NB
DAY 7 Chesterfield Oak to Quarton NB
Wed 9/12 Redding Chesterfield to Fairfax BOTH
  Raynale Chesterfield to Fairfax BOTH
  Suffield Maple to Oak NB
  Puritan Pine to Oak NB
DAY 8 Pine Fairfax to Lakepark BOTH
Thurs 9/13 Redding Fairfax to Lakepark BOTH
DAY 9 Suffield Oak to Quarton NB
Fri 9/14 Pilgrim Oak to Quarton NB
  Puritan Oak to Redding NB
DAY 10 Raynale Fairfax to Lakeside BOTH
Mon 9/17      

In the event of unfavorable weather, schedule adjustments will be updated on this page.

Thanks for your patience during this process. For additional questions, call the Department of Public Services at 248.530.1700.

Procedure Map - Updated 6-22-18
Large Map - Click Here

Summer 2018 Cape Seal Program

The Department of Public Services maintains nearly 26 miles of unimproved roadways through cape seal surface treatment. The next round of seal application is scheduled for Summer 2018. Streets tentatively identified for the project include:

CHESTERFIELD | Maple to Quarton 
FAIRFAX | Maple to Raynale
SUFFIELD | Maple to Quarton
PILGRIM | Maple to Quarton 
PURITAN | Pine to Redding
LAKE PARK | Maple to Redding
PINE | Chesterfield to Lakepark
RAYNALE | Chesterfield to Lakeside
REDDING | Chesterfield to Lakepark

The treatment will include a double layer of chip seal and a slurry microsurface, with some streets requiring surface pulverization prior application. Sidewalk crossing ramps in project areas will be upgraded to meet ADA requirements, where applicable. 

Cape Seal FAQs and Resources
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For more information, contact the Department of Public Services at 248-530-1700.