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Opportunities for recreation are available all year-round in the Birmingham. Twenty-six parks with over 230 acres cover more than 10% of the city's total acreage, and the school district also provides recreational facilities. Residents can play baseball, softball, and tennis, and enjoy playgrounds, picnic facilities and two miles of trails along the Rouge River. Two nine-hole municipal golf courses offer golf and golf lessons. The Birmingham Racquet Club features indoor courts and a waiting area. Anyone who enjoys winter sports can sled and cross country ski at Birmingham's Lincoln Hills golf course. Indoor ice skating is available at the Ice Sports Arena which provides for open skating, lessons and ice hockey group and an outside temporary ice arena at Barnum Park is available to use based on the climate. Birmingham’s parks and recreational services extend beyond its residents. The city’s exceptional facilities are host to a variety of private organizations and residents of neighboring communities who rely on the recreational facilities for their programming needs. In addition, Birmingham’s parks and programmed events, such as In the Park Summer Concerts, have become well loved regional destinations.

Mini Parks
Mini parks are categorized as small, specialized parks that are usually less than one acre in size and serve the needs of residents in the immediate neighborhood. These parks usually serve a limited population or specific demographic group.

Baldwin Well Site:
Baldwin Well Site is located at the corner of Baldwin and West Maple. No amenities are located at this site.

Derby Well Site:
The Derby Well Site, located on the northeast side of the city adjacent to the railroad along Derby Road, contains no recreational amenities.

Pump House Park:
The Pump House Park is located in the southwest portion of the city at Wakefield and Norfolk. There is some small play equipment located at this site.

Redding Well Site:
Redding Well Site is located at the corner of Lakeside Drive and Redding in the northwest portion of the city. No amenities are located at this site.

South Well Site:
The South Well Site, which is broken into two small vacant parcels, is located at Southfield and Southlawn in the southwestern portion of the city.

Neighborhood Parks
Neighborhood parks are typically multi-purpose facilities that serve as the recreational and social focus of a neighborhood. They provide areas for both passive and active recreation activities such as field games, court games, playgrounds, picnicking, etc. Neighborhood parks are generally between five and ten acres in size and serve residents within one-half mile. The City of Birmingham community contains eleven parks that can be classified as Neighborhood Parks.

Adams Park:
Adams Park is located directly adjacent to Roeper School. In 2006, the City of Birmingham acquired the park property adjacent to the Roeper School. As part of the purchase agreement, the city is responsible for the maintenance, lawn care and snow removal; and the property must be used as a public park so long as the school is operated adjacent to the park. In addition, Roeper will utilize the park during the school year for activities currently undertaken by the school on the grounds. Amenities include a soccer field, open space, and a play area.

Crestview Park:
Crestview Park is located near the southern border of Birmingham, north of Southlawn between Southfield and Shipman Roads. Crestview Park contains open space for soccer, two tennis courts renovated in 2006, and playground equipment including swings, climbers and a play structure. There are also benches, waste receptacles, and a drinking fountain within the park.

Howarth Park:
Howarth Park is located at the intersection of Cummings and Emmons Roads in the southern portion of the city. The park consists of open space, a baseball field, drinking fountain, benches, signage, ADA accessible path to access the park, and play equipment with a woodchip surfacing. The play equipment includes swings, a climber and a play structure. In 2005, the Birmingham Rotary Club was recognized by the Michigan Recreation and Parks Association with a community service award for their donation and improvements to Howarth Park. Improvements included a park bench, drinking fountain, and planting of new trees.

Linden Park:
Linden Park is accessed at the intersection of Linden and Brandon, north of Lincoln Road. The park is nestled between residential properties and the Rouge River. The park is predominately open space with a play structure and woodchip surfacing near Brandon Street. A storm-water treatment control station with a gravel access road is also located on the east side of the park, adjacent to the Rouge River. There is access to a Rouge River woodchip trail along the Rouge River via Hawthorne Road. Future expansion of the Rouge trail will connect the play structure and provide trail access from Brandon and Shirley.

Linn-Smith Park:
Linn-Smith Park is a small, linear shaped park on the east side of the Rouge River. The park consists entirely of open space and is located between the Rouge River and Southfield Road. Future expansion of the Rouge River corridor includes a bridge connection and a trail that will traverse through this park. An entry plaza along Southfield Road and a boardwalk located near the proposed bridge will connect Linn-Smith Park with Linden Park with the trail system.

Manor Park:
Manor Park is an undeveloped nature preserve. The parkland is located off Adams Road in the northern portion of the city, south of Big Beaver Road and adjacent to the Canadian National Railroad. The park is open during daylight hours and contains a variety of hardwood, ornamental and coniferous trees. The park is bordered by a split rail fence along Shepardbush with a gravel off-street parking area. Manor Park remains undeveloped open space used for passive recreation. Manor Park has a short chipped trail.

Martha Baldwin Park:
The Martha Baldwin Park is located on the west side of Southfield Road at the intersection of Southfield and Maple Roads. The park consists of open space, mature trees, and a water garden. There is a bench and steps leading into the park from Maple.

Pembroke Park:
Pembroke Park comprises one block on the east side of Birmingham between Eton, Edenborough, Windemere and Buckingham. The park includes open space and several pieces of playground equipment including swings, slides, climbers, sandboxes, play-structures and rockers installed over a woodchip base. The park also contains a Little League baseball field, picnic tables, two tennis courts, a soccer area, a hard surface basketball area, drinking fountain, and signage. test

Quarton Tennis Court:
Quarton Tennis Courts are located at the corner of Oak at Glenhurst. The site includes two tennis courts, one trash receptacle and one drinking fountain.

St. James Park:
St. James Park is located in the southern portion of the city, south of Lincoln and directly south of the Birmingham YMCA. St. James Park contains open space which is used for a soccer area during the summer months. The park also has the city’s only regulation-size baseball diamond in addition to two tennis courts (improved in 2004), and several pieces of ADA compliant play equipment installed over a woodchip surface. Also, the park contains a hard surface basketball area, benches and trash containers located in the proximity of the play equipment. The City of Birmingham have been in discussion on a partnership opportunities as it relates to St. James Park.

West Lincoln Well Site:
The Lincoln Well Site is located on the south side of Lincoln Road at Westchester Way. The park contains open space, two tennis courts and play equipment including swings, slides, sandbox and rockers.

Community Parks
Community parks typically contain a wide variety of recreation facilities to meet the diverse needs of residents from the community. Community parks may include areas for intense active recreation as well as passive recreation opportunities not commonly found in mini or neighborhood parks. Community parks are generally between thirty and fifty acres in size and serve residents within a three mile radius. Community parks also include smaller parks that are more specialized in nature and are meant to serve the entire community. Ten parks in the City of Birmingham are classified as Community parks as follows:

Allen and Hunter House:
The Allen and Hunter Houses are located in the heart of the Historic Park area at the corner of Maple and Southfield Roads in downtown Birmingham. The park was established in 1969 when the voters approved a bond to purchase the Allen House and the surrounding 1.67 acres. The intent at that time was to establish a historical museum. At the same time, the 1822 John West Hunter House was given to the city. The house was moved to the Historic Park in July 1970. The City of Birmingham maintains the park and the historic structure. On May 19, 2001, the Birmingham Historical Museum was opened to collect, preserve and promote Birmingham’s heritage. The Birmingham Historical Board is responsible for oversight of both the park and museum.

Barnum Park & Ice Rink:
Please visit the Barnum Park webpage for information and photos.

Booth Park:

Please visit the Booth Park webpage for information and photos.

Kenning Park:
Please visit the Kenning Park webpage for information and photos.

Lincoln Hills Golf Course:
The nine-hole municipal Lincoln Hills Golf Course, 57.13 acres is located in the southwest portion of the city off 14 Mile Road. A storm-water treatment control station is located inside the golf course off of Cranbrook Rd. Lincoln Hills is one of two municipal golf courses in the city. The terrain is rolling which challenges golfer skills. The course was recently renovated and the irrigation system was upgraded. These improvements have made Lincoln Hills one of the top Municipal, nine-hole golf courses in the Detroit Metropolitan area. The par for men and women is 35, and the course ranges from 3,023 yards from the blue tees to 2,336 yards from the red tees. Course offerings include a PGA golf pro, youth and adult lessons, golf handicap services, golf education center and league play. Some of the amenities offered are: electric golf car and pull-cart rentals; lessons; rental clubs; and snack bar services. Membership is offered to Birmingham residents, property tax payers, employees of Birmingham-based businesses and nonresidents. A Membership Pass must be purchased for course membership. Members may bring a maximum of three guests at the established guest rate. Golf is available to the general public in the early part and later part of the golf season. Lincoln Hills is also made available for winter activities including sledding and cross country skiing. The clubhouse may be rented for a nominal charge for winter outings. During the Fourth of July holiday, a public fireworks display.

Lincoln Hills Dog Park
In fall of 2010, an off-leash dog area was re-established at Lincoln Hills Golf Course. The city installed fencing, signage, waste receptacles, and a dog waste bag dispenser for the designated dog park area. For more information about the park, visit the Lincoln Hills Dog Park webpage.

Poppleton Park: 
Please visit the Poppleton Park webpage for information and park photos.

Quarton Lake
Please visit the Quarton Lake webpage for information and photos.

Shain Park:

Please visit the Shain Park webpage for information and photos.

Springdale Park and Golf Course:
The Springdale Park and Golf Course, 45.03 acres, is located at the northeast corner of the city, north of Big Beaver Road with access from Strathmore Road. Springdale was originally built in 1929 and is the shorter of the two municipal golf courses. The park was obtained in 1934 in a settlement agreement with Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills. Renovations to the course in 2000/2001 have made Springdale a picturesque, challenging nine-hole golf course. New greens, tees and bunkers, coupled with stream bank restoration of the Rouge River have greatly reduced erosion and aesthetically enhanced the course. The par for men and women is 34, and the course yardage from the blue tees is 2,732 yards and 2,196 from the red tees. The clubhouse offers power carts, pull carts, concessions and league play. Membership is offered to Birmingham residents, property tax payers, employees of Birmingham-based businesses and nonresidents. A Leisure Activity Pass must be purchased for course membership. Members may bring a maximum of three guests at the established guest rate. Golf is available to the general public in the early part and later part of the golf season. The park portion of the property is located at the north end of the property. There is a paved drive and parking area, large pavilion with tables and benches, ADA compliant playground equipment with woodchip surfacing, grills, a drinking fountain, and open space. Park-goers have access to the clubhouse restrooms while using the park facilities. The pavilion is available for group rentals.

Park Permits

Groups of various sizes may reserve City Parks and are required to have a permit application form approved by the Department of Public Services.  Visit the Recreation Office at the Birmingham Ice Arena located at 2300 East Lincoln to fill out and submit your permit. City Staff will determine the best location based on the size of the group.  Maximum capacity allowed is 150 depending on the activity and selected park.  For details about park permits including renting the pavilion at Springdale Park, call the Ice Sports Arena at 248.530.1640.  To rent space for a wedding ceremony at any Birmingham park, you must call the Ice Sports Arena for additional information.

Tennis Courts

The City of Birmingham has tennis courts at the following parks: Crestview, Kenning, Lincoln, Pembroke, Poppleton, Quarton and St. James. Birmingham residents may reserve any City-owned court from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Call the  Ice Arena, 248-530-1640 for information about how to reserve the courts.