DPS FacilityThe Department of Public Services (DPS) is comprised of the Parks & Recreation (City Parks, Ice Arena & Golf Courses) and Street/Sewer/Water & Fleet Maintenance. The DPS obtains citizen input for various aspects of its operation through a seven-member Parks and Recreation Board. In addition, the City has a four-member Martha Baldwin Park Board to provide input on the design and maintenance of Martha Baldwin Park.

Parks & Recreation - City Parks, Ice Arena & Golf Courses
The DPS oversees the operation of the Birmingham Ice Sports Arena, two golf courses, maintenance of more than 230 acres of park land and two miles of trails along the Rouge River. In addition, the DPS is responsible for forestry items such as the removal and/or maintenance of 25,000 street and park trees. Other responsibilities include: placement of holiday decorations, maintenance of public Birmingham Ice Arenahorticulture gardens, and providing logistic support for the summer In the Park concert program. In addition, this department is responsible for park improvements in accordance with the Recreation Master Plan, park signage, support for special events, maintenance of Greenwood Cemetery, various contractual services such as forestry services, park mowing, invasive vegetation removal, commercial/residential sidewalk snow removal and residential noxious weed enforcement.

Street/Sewer/Water and Fleet Maintenance
The DPS is responsible for the maintenance of more than 90 miles of major and local streets, sign and traffic signal maintenance, leaf collection, solid waste collection, disposal and recycling services. Additional responsibilities include:

- Sewer and water-main repair and maintenance
- Equipment-pool operation and maintenance
- Water-meter reading
- Catch-basin cleaning
- Downtown sidewalk power washing
- The Interlocal fleet maintenance agreement with the City of Troy