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Wood Chips & Compost  
Tree Care 
Trellis Rust: Affecting Pear Trees in Southeast Michigan
Tree Preservation Ordinance  
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DTE Line Clearing  
Urban Deer Population                   
ITC Vegetation Management  
Concerns Regarding Environmental Practices  
Choosing Native Trees and Shrubs for Your Michigan Landscape 

Mulch Tips

Mulch Out Not Up and Mulch Volcanoes Kill

Healthy Environment Tips  

Tips and Information: 

SOCWA Healthy Lawn Care Tips    
Fall Fertilizing Tips 
Outdoor Water Conservation 
Drought Tolerant Plants 
Alternative Hardscaping Ideas for Stormwater Infiltration 

Submit Concerns Regarding Environmental Practices

If you wish to question or report an environmental practice you have witnessed, please see the following contact information:

City of Birmingham
Jim Surhigh,  City Engineer: (248) 530-1839 or

Oakland County 
Contact the Oakland County Health Division at 248-858-1280, or call Oakland County's 24-Hour Pollution Hotline at 248-858-0931.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Environmental Assistance Center
For information, questions, or if you would like to comment or express your concerns regarding a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) issue, please call 1-800-662-9278 or email DEQ's Environmental Assistance Center. Please include your contact information in your email so that staff may respond to you. You may also call the DEQ's Pollution Emergency Alert System 24-hour hotline to report pollution emergencies at (800) 292-4706.