2020 Maple Road Reconstruction Project

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Maple Road is OPEN!
After a busy fall of construction, the project to transform Maple Road is now complete. Maple Road’s improvements allow it to manage traffic more effectively; provide an attractive experience for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists; and serve the community for decades to come!
With the project now complete, residents and visitors will experience new above-ground amenities such as wider sidewalks, new tree boxes, improved landscaping and mobile device charging stations. The project increased pedestrian and vehicle safety on Maple Road by adding a mid-block pedestrian crossing between Old Woodward and Woodward, and reconfiguring the Southfield intersection to decrease accidents. Combined with the new underground infrastructure improvements, such as new sewers, new water mains and other hardware, downtown Birmingham is more modern, walkable and structurally sound.
The City wants to thank its merchants, downtown patrons and residents for your patience and understanding throughout the project. With the changes now in place, Birmingham is ready for the future and invites you to come and experience it for yourself.

Project Overview & General Information
In 2013, the City began to address the aging infrastructure in the core of the Central Business District with portions of Pierce Street from Maple to Merrill and Merrill Street from Pierce to Old Woodward. In 2016,  Hamilton Avenue was reconstructed from Old Woodward to Woodward Avenue. These projects included new water lines, sewer lines and roads. In 2018, efforts continued in the Central Business District into larger areas involving both Old Woodward and Maple. These areas had some of the oldest water and sewer lines in the City, as well as a streetscape that was on a different grade than the road.  Much of the old infrastructure was installed in the 1940s and had exceeded its useful life. Learn about the 2018 Old Woodward Reconstruction Project here.  

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The downtown infrastructure improvements are scheduled in phases outlined in the graphic (see right). With the 2018 project complete, plans are underway for the 2020 Maple Road Reconstruction Project. The project will stretch from Chester to Woodward Ave. as well as include safety improvements to the Southfield Rd. and maple Rd. intersection. 

Similar to the award winning Old Woodward Reconstruction Project in 2018, Maple in 2020 will result in new underground infrastructure, wider sidewalks and much more. 

Design features will include:

  • All of the new sidewalks will be widened by at least three feet, providing new spaces for raised planter beds and improved landscaping. Bumpouts at each intersection will improve crosswalks for pedestrians. East of Old Woodward Ave., a mid-block crosswalk and landscape feature will also be added. Enhancements will include exposed aggregate concrete, granite bench seating areas, new street lights, and cell phone charging stations. 
  • All traffic signals along the corridor will be upgraded to the mast arm style used last year on Old Woodward Ave., providing a clean, coordinated look. 
  • Improved on-street accessible parking spaces, each served with an individual sidewalk ramp to improve conditions for the disabled. 

Another facet of this project will be the safety improvements for the Southfield Rd. and Maple Rd. intersection. The enhancements will include relocating the intersection about 25 feet to the west, toward a City park, allowing turns to and from Southfield Rd. to be made safer, thereby reducing the possibility of car crashes. 

Similar to the messaging for the Old Woodward Reconstruction Project in 2018, you are encouraged to sign up for the Maple Road Reconstruction group to get real time updates from the City throughout the project. You can sign up for the updates through the City's Stay in Touch feature on the City website on the following link: bit.ly/bhamnews. Updates will also be posted on the City website as well as on all of the City's social media platforms. 

We recognize this work, while necessary, will be disruptive as it occurs. Incentives will continue during the upcoming phases to mitigate this disruption. Learn more about the project by downloading a quick reference Fact Sheet with information regarding the project area and timeline, key elements and improvements, the bypass routes and more. 

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View a quick reference Fact Sheet for your convenience. This document includes the project area and timeline, key elements and improvements, and the bypass routes. Sign up for the Maple Road Reconstruction Business Information group at bit.ly/bhamnews.

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