Construction Projects
The Engineering Department works on many aspects of street, sewer, water, sidewalk and parking construction projects, including planning, designing, estimating costs, writing specifications, supervising, and inspecting. Birmingham has streets that are improved and unimproved. Download a fact sheet that explains the pros and cons of each, and the differences between them.

Sewer & Water
The Engineering Department is responsible for construction and analysis of the City sewer system. Additionally, they work to improve the water quality of the Rouge River and Quarton Lake; they also work on flood-plain matters and soil erosion. The Engineering Department is also responsible for the operation of the City water system, including interaction with SOCWA (Southeast Oakland Co. Water Authority).

Maps & Records
Another important job for the Engineering Department is maintaining city maps and various records pertaining to streets, sewers and the water system.

The Engineering Department issues permits for sidewalks, drive approaches, curb cuts, soil erosion and sedimentation control, special treatments, street obstructions, storm-water runoff, etc. Utility companies must submit a permit to the Engineering Department prior to construction in public right-of-ways. View permit applications.

Street Lights
Residents are encouraged to use DTE's online reporting tool when they notice a streetlight outage.

Development Assistance
The Engineering Department assists the Community Development Department by reviewing building plans for new development projects and providing technical advice about drainage.