2020 Maple Road Reconstruction Project

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Project Overview
In 2013, the City began to address the aging infrastructure in the core of the Central Business District with portions of Pierce Street from Maple to Merrill and Merrill Street from Pierce to Old Woodward. In 2016,  Hamilton Avenue was reconstructed from Old Woodward to Woodward Avenue. These projects included new water lines, sewer lines and roads. In 2018, efforts continued in the Central Business District into larger areas involving both Old Woodward and Maple. These areas had some of the oldest water and sewer lines in the City, as well as a streetscape that was on a different grade than the road.  Much of the old infrastructure was installed in the 1940s and had exceeded its useful life. Learn about the 2018 Old Woodward Reconstruction Project here.  

The downtown infrastructure improvements are scheduled in phases outlined in the graphic (see right). With the 2018 project complete, plans are underway for the 2020 Maple Road Reconstruction Project. Upgrades will include new, larger water lines to improve water pressure,  consolidation of sewer lines to improve flow capacity and reliability, removal of the double curb in certain areas, enhanced crosswalk accessibility to comply with modern ADA standards, removal of brick pavers and integration of modern streetscape standards.  

We recognize this work, while necessary, will be disruptive as it occurs. Incentives will continue during the upcoming phases to mitigate this disruption. Keep an eye on this page for more information coming soon regarding the 2020 Maple Road Reconstruction Project.