Squad 1 is part of a new emergency response model for the Fire Department that is capable of providing comparable service at less than half the cost of a full size fire engine with one third of the maintenance costs. The addition of Squad 1 is another example of the City looking at new technologies to reduce operational overhead while further enhancing the services residents need. Some of Squad 1's features include:  

  • It is built on a Ford F550 chassis and has four-wheel drive capabilities. 
  • Squad 1 has a 1,250 gallons per minute water pump and carries 250 gallons of water and 20 gallons of foam. 
  • This new vehicle will also be outfitted with a 12-thousand-pound winch that can be used in technical rescue applications. 
  • Squad 1 is also versatile. It will also be used for day-to-day duties such as fire inspection and hydrant maintenance. 
Look for Squad 1 around town!