What is a Lot Split?
A lot split is a specific division of property into two or more smaller parcels, usually for the purpose of construction or sale. Lot splits are regulated by Chapter 102 of the City Code, the Subdivision Ordinance.

Lot Combination = A lot combination is assemblage of two or more parcels for construction or sale. Combinations are less common than lot splits.
When is a Lot Split needed?
Lot splits are needed when a property owner wishes to sell part of their land or when a property owner wishes to create two or more parcels of land.
Who authorizes Lot Splits?
The City Commission or Building Office has the authority to grant lot splits or lot separations.

There are two types of lot splits:
  1. Changing the actual dimensions of platted parcels, or
  2. Simply separating two or more lots of record for a building permit.
How do I apply for a Lot Split?
Download the lot split application form or pick up the application at the Community Development Department.

The requirements for the application include fifteen (15) sets of a registered land survey showing all existing and proposed lot lines, existing structures and setbacks.

If the proposed lots meet the minimum zoning requirements, a proposal is set for the City Commission. The City Commission reviews the lot split for compliance with Section 102 of the Subdivision Ordinance.

For lot separations for building permit, the Building Official reviews the lot and determines that the proposed lot meets minimum Zoning Ordinance provisions and then lots are separated for the purpose of a building permit.

For more information, call 248-530-1850.