What is Sign Review?
Sign review involves a detailed and technical review for any plan for the construction or alteration of a sign.
When is a Sign Review required?
A sign review is required for any exterior signage including commercial wall, projecting or ground signs, construction signs, temporary signage, and signs in residential areas. Prior to the construction or alteration of a sign, the Planning Department must review and approve the application. The following are signs for which a sign permit and/or review are required (as listed in section 1.04(C)-1.09(F)):
  1. Construction sign
  2. Parking district
  3. Canopy sign (on valance)
  4. Ground sign
  5. Name letter sign
  6. Portable Valet sign
  7. Post-mounted projecting sign
  8. Rear entry sign
  9. Temporary portable sign in the public right-of-way
  10. Temporary sign advertising nonresidential property
  11. Temporary sign in nonresidential districts
  12. Wall sign
  13. Bulletin board sign
  14. Churches, schools, community centers, and health care facilities, buildings housing government functions & municipal, county and state utilities sign
  15. Multiple family residential sign
  16. Temporary sign for churches and private schools
  17. Traffic/direction sign on grounds of public, charitable or religious institutions
This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Please contact a city planner for further information.
Sign Review  Requirements
The following items must accompany a sign review application:
1. 8-1/2” x 11” Photo of existing building
2. Rendering or 8-1/2” x 11” photo of building with design changes.

3. Must include:
a. Building length
b. Sign height above grade of sign
c. Sign height and width
d. Dimensions from sign to each end of the building or space
e. From sign to the top and bottom of the sign band
f. A landscape plan showing all existing and proposed planting and screening materials (for ground signs only)
g.. Location of all existing and proposed lighting fixtures

4. Measured drawing of sign:
a. Height and width of background and/ letters.
b. Color numbers
c. Materials

5. Cut view of Sign:
a. Thickness – letters must be at least 1/4” thickness
b. Electrical details
c. Mounting details

6. Lighting Information:
a. Cut sheet of proposed lighting including:
I. Exact size specifications
II. Color
III. Style
IV. Manufacturer

7. 8 1/2” x 11” Photos of adjacent buildings

**No painted signs allowed.

Application for signage review.