New Smart Meters in Birmingham


The installation of 1,262 credit card enabled "smart" parking meters has begun! All parking meters located in the City of Birmingham will offer payment by credit card as an option upon completion of the installation of the new parking meters. The existing parking meter housing and poles will remain intact. The existing coin only parking meter mechanisms will be replaced with the new "smart" meters and vehicle detection sensors will be installed at every meter space.

If you are a traditionalist and wish to continue to pay with coins - fear not! The new parking meters will still have a coin slot for payment using nickels, dimes or quarters!

If you are "tech savvy" and excited about the ability to pay by credit card - then you will be thrilled to learn that the City of Birmingham will be absorbing the processing costs associated with use of credit cards. That's right! Parking rates will be the same regardless of payment type - coin or credit card. The new meters will accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
Parking Meters 1 LIBERTY NEW

Prefer to pay using Parkmobile? Another great option! The new Liberty meters will reflect Parkmobile payments ON THE METER and on your mobile phone.

Also, the new vehicle detection sensors will allow parking patrons to utilize mobile phones, computers or vehicle apps to locate convenient parking close to Birmingham destinations for business, shopping, dining or recreation.

Parking enforcement personnel, police department staff and CivicSmart representatives will be available to assist parking patrons and the public regarding use of the new equipment. It is anticipated that the installation of the new parking meters will be complete by June 30, 2017. Please see below for installation progress updates.

Mark H. Clemence
Chief of Police

Smart Meter Installation Progress Updates

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
The installation of the new meter mechanisms began today at 1 p.m. on the east side of South Old Woodward at Landon and continue northbound. The goal for week #1 installation of meters and sensors is to complete all of South Old Woodward from Landon to Maple and Hazel Street on or before June 4th.  
Areas completed on May 31 are as follows: South Old Woodward (east side) from the triangle to Hazel, Hazel Street, South Old Woodward (east side) from Hazel to just south of Brown.

Thursday, June 1, 2017
Crews will continue with meter installations at the following locations: South Old Woodward (east side) from Brown to Maple, 
East Maple (all), North Old Woodward from Maple to Hamilton, Hamilton (all).

Friday, June 2, 2017
Forty meters mechanisms were installed today at the following locations:
Hamilton Alley completed - 10 spaces, North Old Woodward (east side) from Hamilton to Oakland - 11 spaces, and
North Old Woodward (east side) from Oakland to Ravine - 19 spaces (partial zone).

Saturday - Sunday, June 3-4, 2017
We are planning to install additional meters over the weekend. More updates to come.

Monday, June 5, 2017
Installation included 34 spaces on N. Old Woodward from Harmon to Euclid, 14 spaces on N. Old Woodward from Lot 5 to Willits, and 28 spaces on Willits from Old Woodward to Cheser on both sides of the street.

Thursday, June 8, 2017
New parking meters have been installed at the following locations:
North Old Woodward (east side) from Oakland to Ravine - 9 spaces to complete zone 
Euclid - 3 spaces 
North Old Woodward (east side) - 8 spaces 
Ravine - 2 spaces 
North Old Woodward (east side) from Ravine to Lot 6 - 20 spaces 
Lot 6 - installation is scheduled for next week 
North Old Woodward Access Drive - 65 spaces 
North Old Woodward (east side) from Lot 6 to Oak - 4 spaces 
North Old Woodward (west side) from Oak to Harmon - 36 spaces 
North Old Woodward (west side) from Luxe to Harmon - 6 spaces 
Harmon - 10 spaces (11th space currently platform) 
North Old Woodward (west side) from Harmon to Euclid- 34 spaces 
North Old Woodward (west side) from Lot 5 to Willits- 14 spaces 
Willits from Old Woodward to Chester - 27 spaces
North Old Woodward (west side) from Willits to Hamilton - 12 spaces  
NOTE: A total of 491 new mechanisms have been installed to date.  

Friday, June 9, 2017
Today an additional 46 smart meters were installed in Lot #6 -spaces 1-46. The installation of the remaining spaces in Lot 6 will continue next week to cover spaces 47-61 and complete spaces 1-74).

Friday, June 16, 2017
Lot 6 Liberty meter installation is complete! Standby for next week - we will be installing 300+ more meters by mid-week!     
627 Liberty meters installed to date!

Saturday, June 17, 2017
Two zones were installed for a total of 15 more spaces with new smart meters. 
(North Old Woodward - west side) from Old Woodward to Hamilton - 6 spaces, and Landon Street - 9 spaces. 
258 more meters to be installed on Monday  on W.Maple, S. Old Woodward, George, Frank, Ann, Daines, Pierce,  & Henrietta.

Monday, June 19, 2017
A total of 251 Liberty Meters were installed  Monday at the following locations: West Maple Rd. downtown (39 spaces), S. Old Woodward (west side) from Maple to Merrill (24 spaces), S. Old Woodward (west side) from Merrill to Landon  (98 spaces), S. Old Woodward (west side) from Landon to Lincoln (13 spaces), George, Ann, and Frank from Old Woodward to Ann  (16 spaces), Daines from Old Woodward to Purdy (12 spaces), Pierce from Maple to Frank (68 spaces), Henrietta from Brown to Maple (26 spaces), Bates from Brown to  Martin (24 spaces)
Revised total for project to date meter installs = 924. There are approximately 258 regular spaces and 63 ADA spaces yet to be installed. Gateway and sensor installation to begin on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
All of the City's new SMART meters have been installed.  All of the SMART meters have been linked to ParkMobile and all of the ParkMobile rates have been changed to reflect the new parking rates. The new parking meters are up and running. Phase two of the project will be the installation of all the SMART meter parking sensors. All of the work is still projected to be completed by July 1, 2017