Museum exhibits are an important way that Birmingham's cultural heritage is shared with the public.  Exhibits include both ongoing (permanent) exhibits and changing exhibits.  Exhibit displays rotate depending on theme and content, but always include objects from the museum's permanent collection.  Occasionally, items are loaned by other institutions or individuals as well.  Exhibits take a significant amount of time to plan and design.   Have an idea for an exhibit?  Send us an email to   

In addition to its permanent exhibits that explore the history of Birmingham and the surrounding area, the museum hosts a variety of changing exhibits. For more information regarding current and upcoming exhibits, please contact the Museum.
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Current Museum Exhibit
It's 2018, and we are celebrating 200 years of the People of Birmingham for our Bicentennial with a crowd-sourced exhibit! (More about this exhibit and how you can contribute.)

Past Museum Exhibits

Victor PhotoBirmingham artist (or "image maker" as he likes to be known ) Victor Pytko has been creating multimedia works in and around Birmingham for many years, and is former board member of the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center and former art instructor there.  Our recent exhibit, Victor Pytko, Image Maker: The Art of Science and Light, featured  his work with a twist--it incorporated objects from our collection to help explain how he uses the science of light in his pieces.  

Hunter Blvd Opening, 1939History's Highway:  The Story of Woodward Avenue was a year-long exhibition that explored how this iconic highway has shaped Birmingham,  from the prehistoric past to the present and near future.  Artifacts and maps covering 10,000 years of history told the story of this amazing land route that made Birmingham and Oakland County what they are today, and will lead us into tomorrow.  View the exhibit page, or  download the exhibition.pdf flyer.   

The Creem Exhibit and Collection, part of our popular exhibition in 2014, "Sounds of Birmingham: A CommunityCREEM Magazine Cover - October 1976

of Music." This exhibition featured displays on the history of music in Birmingham - who people listened to, how they listened to it and how they took part in it. One of the highlights was an exhibit on CREEM, the famous rock 'n' roll magazine published in Birmingham in the 1970s.  Learn more about this great exhibit.  This display resulted in a great deal of attention for the museum and we are proud to announce that long time CREEM Art Director, Charlie Auringer, donated his private collection of CREEM archives and memorabilia to our museum. We will be working to put that content online in the future, but please be patient, and check back often for more information, or feel free to call the museum with any questions you may have about our new Charlie Auringer CREEM Collection.