Marshall Fredericks Walking/Driving Tour 
Famous sculptor Marshall Fredericks resided in Birmingham, and our community is proud to have so many of his works available for the public to view. Download a printable 4 page brochure to see a great downtown walking/driving tour with information on each of the sculptures, provided by Fredericks expert Marcy Heller Fisher.

Greenwood Cemetery Self-Guided Tour
The Greenwood Cemetery is one of Birmingham's historic treasures.  Founded in 1825 after a grisly murder in the settlement of what is now called Birmingham, the cemetery has been the resting place of many of Birmingham's citizens ever since.  The pleasant setting with shady trees is full of local history; the oldest 1/2 acre section was donated by early settler Dr. Ziba Swan. Take a printable 2 page map brochure with you next time you wander the grounds.  The Greenwood Cemetery is on Oak, west of N. Old Woodward.  The main entrance gate is the east gate.  Note:  Please do not park in the cemetery. Follow the link to learn more about the origins of Greenwood Cemetery.

Historic Downtown Birmingham Self-Guided Tour
Birmingham has a long and interesting history.  Many of the residences and commercial buildings in the downtown area have had fascinating roles to play in the town, and some have been around for more than a century.  Take a walking tour and check out some of the more interesting and historic of these structures in this walking tour brochure.